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[3] > Page [3] of An account of Bon Harbor, in the state of Kentucky, on the Ohio River, one hundred and sixty miles below the falls; possessing extensive coal mines, great advantages for manufacturing, ship building, etc., and destined to become a place of great importance ..

BON HARBOR : ITS ADVANTAGES FOR MANUFACTURING. The following exposition is made with a view to shew the eligibility of Bon Harbor as a site for a manufacturing town. Also its great commercial advantages, by which I think the following facts are clearly established. 1st. The most important point to be established, that the supply of coal may be considered inexhaustible, as it comprises every vein of coal within the coal field. 2nd. That it is the thickest vein of coal on the Ohio now being mined, which is found below the falls. 3rd. That the quality of the coal for generating steam is very superior. 4th. That the site for trade from convenience of harbor, depth of water, and goodness of landing, as well as from the extent of back country which it may be made to command, is one among the finest on the Ohio river. 5th. That manufacturing can be done here as cheaply as at Lowell, so soon as hands are trained, or trained hands can be obtained. 6th. That ultimately it will be done at a lower cost proportionate to the difference in the expense of living. 7th. That the advantages we have over Lowell are the whole cost of getting the raw material from New Orleans to Lowell, as we can get it from the cotton region to Bon Harbor