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32 > Page 32 of An account of Bon Harbor, in the state of Kentucky, on the Ohio River, one hundred and sixty miles below the falls; possessing extensive coal mines, great advantages for manufacturing, ship building, etc., and destined to become a place of great importance ..

32 I am now using the Bon Harbor coal, and think it superior to any I have ever used for grates. I used the Richmond coal for twenty years, and consider the Bon Harbor coal much the best. PETER F. SMITH. I have burnt the Bon Harbor coal two years, and have no hesitation in saying it burns equal to any I ever used. D. MORTON. Owensboro', Dec. 20th. 1848. To Robert Triplett, Esq. The undersigned answer your interrogatories as to the coal from Bon Harbor, that from our use of it we consider it preferable to any we have ever used, or seen used, for grate purposes, from its entire want of slate, and leaving a smaller residuum than any we have tried or seen used. It burns brilliantly, gives a fine light, and makes but little dust. We also have noticed a continual improvement in its quality, as the seam is further opened. We have also observed that it is getting into general use by the steam-boats on the Ohio river, and in every instance, they appear to approve of it for fuel. J. H. BLAIR. W. B. TYLER. S. M. WING. PHILIP TRIPLETT. Wheeling, Nov. 28, 1848. Mr. E. W. Stephens. Dear Sir. If agreeable, I would be glad to have the following queries answered in regard to work done at your nail factory, which, I understand, embraces all modern improvements : 1st. What quantity of pig iron do you use per week ? 2nd. Quantity of nails made per week ? 3rd. Quantity of coal