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THE Grosset Dunlap EDITIONS OF FAMOUS COPYRIGHTED NOVELS. PRINTED ON EXCELLENT PAPER, AND HANDSOMELY BOUND IN CLOTH, WITH ATTRACTIVE AND DISTINCTIVE COVER DESIGNS. THEY ARE THE ONLY POPU- LAR PRICED EDITIONS OF THESE BOOKS PUBLISHED. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Retail price, 75 cents per volume JANICE MEREDITH By PAUL LEICESTER FORD Now for the first time offered to the public at a popu- lar price. Undoubtedly the most popular historical novel issued in a decade, and the greatest story of the American Revolution yet written, and one of the four or five great successes of recent years. Printed from the plates of the regular i.50 edition, full 12mO in size, and durably bound in cloth with an attractive cover design. Price, 75 cents per copy, postpaid GROSSET 9 DUNLAP XiI East i6th Street, NEW YORK