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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 63, no. 1, 1993

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l @2 Z4] il QM IQ " ZIQW" . m E W Q y 6 V @ K A % E * @ c V U Z % E _ Z wr olumb Avenue l '** a I - .- i / a E E E E iie @ g 1,-; .' EEEE 3 uy ;;;g;;;;;;z;2ee:2zse2;s 8 7 I 3 _ _: .,5 d h _ <> % [E 3 rl ~ A ; l ' " " " ~= s A W / W - . A eA._._._._.4.4._._._,.;_;.:. . Zee , 4:.:.:.;.;4;.:. :._ z E M ? Z Z ;:;t ;i % t ...t IL! F " L.- H. * { tlltop Avenue , _ I, C ~ Wm a, = ri UKs new library will l WW y architectural firm which will design y *v **7<{ l Home of New Library l the library, Kaiimami Mckmneii & square feet nd will { _,,_...l_._._.f ,__t.,_________, ___ r W d I AI h. {-B M cos, un estimated $58 OO , IIC., C IICCESO OSllO1'1, HSS. million. The university T UK has chosen a specific site within y Malcolm Holzman, a senior part- , :;;';:$?:n';:;ii:;"3: 30 acres known as the Clifton Park ner in the planning firm, presented and wrpomte cnm_ l area where it will build a new central the planning services report to the butions toward the l and life sciences library. universitys administration. an d;v;:1;$;g:" l The property is bounded by Rose y Denny said the detailed presenta- Pr,;,_",e Kemuglg, Street, Columbia, Hilltop and Wood- , tion, which included many drawings General Assembly land avenues. of optional uses for the buildable "h::;":1l:\:hP:}? y The specific site is slightly offset land in the area, took into considera- Plmming und gesign from the center of the property and is tion such characteristics as extensive 5 stages witlithe pri- on a "highly buildable site between l green space, pedestrian circulation "' ""'b"""" two natural depressions," says UK patterns, the propertys relationship architect Warren Denny. to the rest of the campus and the W The library site and suggestions for slope of the land. w y locating future academic buildings in Casual observers might think that I r the area were recommended by the A the land there is relatively flat, but, i physical planning services firm of ; actually, it is characterized by a gentle Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates of slope which rises from Rose Street to NewYork City. University Drive and then levels An extensive study of the area was toward Woodland Avenue. A performed by the planning firm work- "The planners took that into con- ing in close cooperation with the 1 sideration as they chose the site for _ 2 Kentucky Alumnus Spring 1993 1