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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 63, no. 1, 1993

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I It what will be the premier structure on through a system of chancellors and { that property," Denny said. l vice presidents. . Another consideration in the In reviewing the report and plan detailed analysis of this property is of action for UK Board of Trustees the manner in which elements of the members, Wethington said imple- , existing campus to the west of the site menting the changes will free up $2.6 i and University Drive form two impor- million to reallocate to instruction, i ` tant axes that intersect at the pro- research and public service programs , T posed site for the library, Denny said. , within the university. 1 One axis runs through Memorial The president also reviewed for 1 Hall, extends eastward through cam- board members the impact that the i . , pus and, after crossing Rose Street, $26.7 million in state budget reduc- ` _ i passes through the library site. The , tions in recent months has on the Y _ ` , other axis is formed by the extension i restructuring plan he presented, y 1 p of University Drive and also passes { including the elimination of some i , __ through the library site. i 575 employee positions. i t J The site planning firms sugges , Wethington said he hopes "the l tions for the area primarily call for i implementation of the plan of action l j future construction that would "ring will bring to a close this veiy difficult ' the library, leaving that structure as i and challenging period of budget * W V<<_ the "strongest piece on the property reductions and organizational review." , _; no matter what other building types The plan of action urges the chan- are constructed, Denny said. i cellors to work within UKs academic Among buildings now located on structure to consider the elimination 1 the 30acre site are UKs Hilary i of certain degree programs and the i ~ _` Boone Faculty Center, a Mining and 1 consolidation of some educational U ; ?%Q$g= Mineral Resources Building and a units and degree programs. Hundreds of persons civil rights qetivist Parking Ssucium i so .Z.'IZE'?Z'.i;J2..r i..".*.;'II.f.22.Z' Design Of thc? new library by K3u` 1 Deunls Llsis Dr. Mcrtin Luther This is the ihirdgyeur mann McKinnell & Wood is expected "Y c"cr*c s' , King Jr.s birthday UK cmd the to take about 18 months. A tentative The 13 undergraduate colleges at the ;'::v:1" ';:";:;5$;;; t;;z3z;Q;:;" timetable calls for construction of the Lexington Campus reported some an indi,. ceremony Govemmemhuve library to begin in spring 1994. Con- 2,700 students were named to the in Lexingtons Civic co-sponsored these struction will take about two years. Deans List for high academic c"*I: f":"9'h* """ achievements during the 1992 fall :;::;,,;,9:,e,: usc RGOIQCIIIEZEIIQ UK 1 semester. The 1992 deans list in- inclvdedthe * ' i cludes students from nearly all of 5;,;:;:: hggxgl President Charles T. Wethington jr. i Kentuckys 120 counties, as well as 38 has released an academic and admin- 1 states. The requirements for being istrative reorganization and restruc- named to a deans list varies from col- turing plan of action for the Univer- lege to college. However, most re- sity of Kentucky. The deadline for quire an "A" average, or a 3.5 grade = implementing the majority of the point average, based on a 4.0 system. changes in the plan of action is_]uly 1, me s ss* more cccs*ss*cs s s t scsc cmrrv s as 1993. Other changes are expected to sigllll cllillllitll be in place within the next two years. c tcs or c trmw cttw t t c The 26-page report and plan of 1 The UK chapter of Sigma Chi will be il action includes 86 recommended celebrating its 100th anniversaiyApril 2- changes in the academic and admin- 4. Alumni William B. Sturgill and Paul istrative structure and processes of Chellgren, both UK trustees, will be the university. honored as Significant Sigs at a lun- The report also recommends that cheon. Other events, including a golf an outside consultant(s) be asked to outing, are being planned throughout re-evaluate UKs top-level administra- the weekend. For more information, tive structure which now operates call Mark Rexroat at 606-255-8735. Spying 1993 Kentucky Alumnus 3