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Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 63, no. 1, 1993

Part of Kentucky alumnus

, ii I ”r r W from last season and advanced to the ».~* A·· ‘* —», 4 TEIIIILS 1 semis of the “B Singles" division. ° ifi ( if . T "' ' W"' Y"' “With this (SEC) league having 10 ( , Tennis coach Dennis Emery says the teams raizked in the Top, 25 in the uKis A".'"n.° 1 new faces on this year s 12th-ranked country, Sald Emery, it s a real Leading s·°r°rs { tennis team answered a lot of ques- good feat to put together the week- tions during the SEC Indoor Tennis end that we did." , Tournament held in Lexington in **775 , january. The Wildcats lost seven of UK OII WCKY-AM l their first 11 players from the team it 1 that won the SEC last year, but came WCKYAM (1530) will be broadcasting 1 through their first major tournament UK football and basketball games for i with some encouraging highlights. three years beginning with the Fall 1993 The Cats’ No. 2 doubles team, com- season kick-off as a part of the UK radio posed of sophomores Ford Lankford network. WCKYAM is a 50,000-watt sta- and jason Yeager, upset the No. 1 1 tion located in Cincinnati, Ohio. _ seeded team from the University of “We are delighted with this al- Georgia in the “A Doubles” division liance with VVCKY,” said UK athletics L Dun Issel ,68_,70 before losing to the eventual champi- director C.M. Newton. “This provides 2,138 pts/83 gqmes ons, juan Carlos Bianchi and Rick us with the best possible situation for 2 Kem walker ,83-,86 Witsken of the University ofAlabama. our fans and listeners in Kentucky 6,080;,s/132 games junior Mahyar Goodarz, coming I and throughout the Eastern portion off a subpar fall season, knocked off W of the United States." 3- J°'°k Gl"°"’ '75"78 the No. 10 and the No. 3 players in One of the benefits to UK fans is 2’°38 pls/123 games the countiy before falling in the finals the fact that UK football games will 4. Kevin Grevey *73-*75 of the “A Singles” division. begin at 7 p.m. during September and l·8°l P"/84 9°"‘°’ junior Mike Hopkinson, seeded llth October. Coach Rick Pitino added, 5_ Comm Nash ,62_,64 in the tournament, made it to the semi- “We are excited to be on their station. 1,770 pts/78 gumes finals of the “A Singles” division before It will enhance our program [1`€m€1l- 6 Alex Gnu ,45 ,47-,49 falling to the eventual champion. dously. It will give us great leverage in ° 1,744 PB/no games Freshman Tad Berkowitz beat one recruiting and it will also expose our of the top players in the "Boys I8s" program like it should be." f;‘;;‘:";:R‘l;’; $$218 KENTUCKY FOOTBALL RECRIIITS FOR I 993 8_L°u,e D¤mPier,65_,6, Nume Pos. Ht. Wt. High Scho¤I/ Hometown 1,575 pts/80 gumes Darrin Clark L 6-6 230 Coldiron, Ky. (Bell County) 9. Mike Cusey *68-*69, *71 Kareem Dailey L 6-5 218 Louisville, Ky. (jeffersontown) 1*535 PB/82 9°“‘°’ john Gibson L 6-7 252 Independence, Ky. (Simon Kenton) w_ JAMAL MASHBURN ,9]_,93· David Ginn L 6-5 205 Cincinnati, Ohio (Elder) 1,523 pes/82 g¤mes I Donnell Gordon B 6-0 185 PeeWee Valley, Ky. (S. Oldham) , , Billyjack Haskins* B 5-11 190 Paducah, Ky. (Tilghman) `lj5°i°J”,:,$TZ$*gZ?Q,;° Van Hiles B 6-O 175 Baton Rouge, La. (Episcopal) ~ Mad Hobbie B 5-11 180 Sarasota, na. (High) '2· ****,;*1* '·;g·;*· '”'·'°° Chad Hudson L dz 240 Lill)Ll1`1'1, oa. (Bmahwadd) l’5° P"! “°'“°’ Brandon jackson L 6-4 305 Massillon, Ohio (Washington) 13. Cliff H¤g¤n *51-*52, *54 jb. Reed L 02 260 sphhghaid, Ky. (1/Vashington oa.) '·’*’5 PB"' ¤¤*¤·=== , Rob Reynolds L 6-6 282 Fort Thomas, Ky. (Highlands) M_ P4, Riley ,65_,67 i Kio Sanford B 5-11 155 Lexington, Ky. (Bryan Station) 1,464 pts/80 gumes john Schlarrnan L 6-2 280 Fort Thomas, Ky. (Highlands) , _, Km-, Sapa L dz 231 cihdhhad, Ohio (LaSalle) `ijZZ*{“,§Z,°§Z”g3.;,3° jeff Tanner B 6-3 225 Marianna, Fla. (High) Littleton Ward B 5-10 155 Lexington, Ky. (Bryan Station) ,,;:::',;l:’;;',;;;‘:;'::iagT':5. Maurece Williams B 6-2 205 Columbus, Ga. (Spencer) *K1mtucky Z1 Mr. Football , Spring 1993 Kcnuncky Aluumus 5