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The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Nsl The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL XIV LEXINGTON, KY.. APRIL 25, 1924 No. 26 1 KENTUCKY WILL BE HOST TO STUDENTS 60 FROM HIGH SCHOOLS IN STATE High School Week at University Begins April 30, and Closes May 3 300 VISITORS TO ATTEND Trials in Track Athletics, Ora tory, Debating and Public Speaking to be Held. v. WELCOME OUR VISITORS To Students at the University: The weelc beginning April 28 fri High School Week at the University. Beginning Wednesday, April 30, and closing Saturday, May 3, we shall have at the University three or four hundred visitors from the various high schools over the state. These visitors will judge the University largely by the manner in which they are received. In the past, they have had audiences at their speaking contests. I trust that the students will make it a point to attend the public sessions on Tursday evening and on Friday evening of that week, and show their interest in our visitors. This is an opportunity for our students to show the University to best advantage, and I am asking the student 'body to show their customary courtesy and respect to our guests. FRANK L. McVEY, President. High school week at the University of Kentucky begins on Wednesday, April 30, and continues until Saturday, May 3. During that time 'the University will be host to some three or four hundred visitors from the various 'high schools of the State. These young people will come to the University of Kentucky to participate in the State tournament in tracic athletics, oratory, debate, declamation and public speaking More than sixty of the largest high schools of the State will be represented. The program for the events will be as follows: Wednesday, April 30 Preliminaries CLASSICAL ASSOCIATION and finals in public discussion. Thursday, May 1. Contests in oratory and declamation will be held, be- OF MIDWEST AND SOUTH ginning at 11 a. m. The finals in these contests will be held Thursday even-- 1 HAS SUCCESSFUL MEET ing, in the University chapel, when Mr. Desha Breckinridge, editor of the Lexington Herald, will present to the Twentieth Annual Session Attracts 225 Teachers of Latin winner in oratory, a 'handsome silver cup, engraved to the memory of Col. and Greek W. C. P. Breckinridge, Kentucky's U. K. AND TRANSY HOSTS most 'brilliant orator. The preliminaries in debate will begin on Thursday morning, May 1, and University and Transylvania Cooperate to Entertain continue through Thursday afternoon and Friday morning the finals being held Friday evening, May 2. At that Approximaely 225 teachers of Latin time Mr. Harry Giovannoli, editor of the Lexington Leader, will present to and Greek attended the twentieth anthe winners of debate on behalf of the nual meeting of the Classical! AssociaLexington Leader, a handsome silver tion of the Middle West and South, which convened at the Phoenix Hotel cup. On Friday afternoon, May 2, the at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, April preliminaries and on Saturday after- 17. The University of Kentucky and noon, May 3, the finals in track will be Transylvania College were hosts for 'the three days' meeting. held on Stoll Field. The Association of the Middle The schools which will be repre- West and South is the largest classi(Continued on page 8.) cal organization in the world. In its K membership of 4,000, it includes stales as far west as Ndbraska, as far south NEW FOOTBALL COACH as Texas and Florida, and as far "east as Virginia. This was the second time SEEKS STUDENTS' HELP in the twenty years of its existence that the Association has met in Kentucky, the first time having been in Essential Features Are Adher- Louisville in 1912. Delegates Entertained ence to Training and The delegates were entertained by the University of Kentucky with a dinner at the Phoenix Hotel Thurs-- i Fred J. Murphy, newly elected wu. Vi1foiowedimmcdatejy . ww.w. President Frank de,ivered the address of to give uiolnm. n.wl IT T Barton, of the Uni ..w..v....v ui.u J fiA.-t- 1 i Cl.l it. vers,ty of Ilhno,s- thc eleventh pres : r,ii hu- - .Za of the Association, responded. i; V V., 7u i - Vi Mdent tii ffiunu mi twain tin nit tvuisiic of the final 1924 game had been blowa (Continued on page 4) and if this comes true Centre will return to Danville on the day of their game, defeated by State the first time in many years. "Quite recently, it has been develop- - "r1.'" uic VUM.CU r .J" auca mm in !! mu..uuB.mL Mcyey orucr - .J iiraiiiFiD red-lett- er ,a h. ,fMtr.e , nnrf f .a,. J First Kentucky Man to Win Four Letters Inspection officers from Wash tional plan of any University. I have mBton inspected the R. O. T. C. felt that the whole idea of a:h-- 1 umt of the University Wednesday as being merely forms of recrea- - ?nd Thursday in everyy phase of hen and exercise was misconstrued ,ts w.ork', Th nspect'on will de- largely whether or not entirely." Coach Murohv said. "The tcrm" Kentucky will become a college Continued on page 8) of dVinguisVed classification WILDCATS WIN SECOND GAME BY 13 TO 9 SCORE FHOM MARYVILLE TEAM Game Featured by Scoring Proclivities of Both Teams RIFFE HURLS GOOD GAME Visitors Collect Six Runs in First of Third . T"ti- Bfc' X JjK sssr C. T. sssB "TURKEY" HUGHES For the first time in its history the umvcrsuy 01 Kentucky Doaats a four TT Iff fat- ....... rU..I.. T nugnes ....v. - rtn ..aiics x. noias this distinction. "Turkey" as he is more lammariy Known to his college associates and hosts of admirers, is a Junior in the College of Arts and Science, and since his entrance in the! 1 1 "fjS ..T, ISJJS Us credits were not recognized until he had passed one year's work. He i . . a member ot S. A. E. fraternity and of Keys. His scholastic standing is as creditable as his athletic record; in fact "Turkey" is the most brilliant satalKte on the Wildcat horizon. K ! Thc University of Kentucky baseball team won the!r fourth game of the sason when they defeated the Mary-vill- e nine on Stolit Field Thursday afternoon by the score of 13 to 10 in a game featured by bases on balls and hit batters. Maryville started the scoring in the first inning when they scored one run. Kentucky came back in the second half of the same inning and tallied three times. Gregg blanked Mary-v"ll- e In the second inning white the Wildcats shoved one more across the pan. In thc third inning the visitors got to Gregg's delivery for three runs which tied 'the score. Riffe then- went to thc mound for Kentucky and allowed three more runs to cross the pan making the score 7 to 4 in favor of the visitors. Kentucky got one of them back in the same inning. The fourth inning found the Mary ville team unable to score and th& Cats took advantage of the lull in the visitors' scoring proclivities and pro cured one more run for Jesse Riffe. Maryville failed to touch Riffe's deliv ery in the fifth while the Cals collected three runs and gained a 'two run advantage wifh the score standing Kentucky 9, Maryville 7. Kentucky failed to get a run in the sixth round while Maryville added one to their score. In the seventh the Cats got two more runs while the visitors were held scoreless. Maryville was again held scoreless in the eighth while the Wildcats added two more to their total giving them 13 for the game. In thc ninth and final round of the TAKE SERUM TREATMENT (Continued from page five) a lit !i.La .ill the Wildcat teams. hi,e a ,stu.dent who resides 5:1 "Turkey"- recently accomplished the' Lc.x,,,g,on during the college year s Phenominal feat of making two of his evertheless, he letters in one week, winning the first Sa'C !rT typ'l0ld' beTis, for.tunate ! other c baseball game and the firrst track event Physicians have called the in which he entered. In this ' nm,1Ities;. aevcopea during the ' event in which he entered. In thi. summer vacation typhoid." frrom Mav Parade, Pledging, Arbor Day, track meet, which was held at and Crowning of May Queen Hughes took two first places, to October are regarded as typhoid to be Held. one being the broad jump, in which he months. It is advisable for those who ar going outside of communities jumped twenty-twfeet six inches, The afternoon of May 2 has been nearly a foot better than the S. I. C. where the water supply is well pro'fcortl. Th's will not hold as a new tected to take the various serum treat- declared a holiday by the University tccord, however, as thc official mark ments for protection against typhoid. Council tor rhe purpose of celebrating These can be secured at the Univer- a May Day festival. Plans for this must be made in the S. I. C. meet. sity clinic to those who wish it. event are being carefully worked out Baseball Star ihe importance ot tollowing thi by the Suky Circle, and in order to In baseball Hughes is the most de- advice is evidenced by the fact that in make it a grand and glorious success, pendable man on the team, being an institution situated in Tennessee, every student in the University is because of his reliable pitch- there were eighty cases of typhoid in urged to enter heartily into it. ing and his ability as an outfielder. March and of these cases, eight died. The first pant of the program will He is above the average player in It is possible to protect yourself be under the d'rect'on of the Woman's basketball, and in football he is among against such a situation. Administrative Council This will in- the best of the Kentucky halfbacks. FRANK L. .McVEY, elude a parade led bv the University Hughes was also the first FreshPresident, Univ. of Ky. Band, leaving the campus at 1:30 and man in the University to make four crrvintr mi I .imoentntiit amn in AfI., dr o o iu .nam, numerals, having fulfilled thc stipulat-alwa- s down Main and back to the campus. A SENIORS. NOTICE! ed requirements for football, basket-letic- s large silk "K" banner if offered as a ball, baseball and track, in his fresprize for the most attractively decor- man year. All Senior ring orders must be Although Hughes is a Junior this soon as possible for delivery be- 7 iayor ,nq w U:xvs bce:l "Ka" year, ne has only been a student in the tore the end of the term. See John University two years, since some of Shaw, Book Store. (Cont'uucd on Page 6) - ... maymllFmore - u,a-v.,!- t spectacularjhan ever I Van-derbi- lt, o M.iiiv-viwi- BsssMMsssssfaMssMBASMkBi iw