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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

HiHlii " 4 'virwinmitfiiiiiiirii THE KENTUCKY P.ije Two Editor Alumni secretary home so musical talent was found among the guests and the dance went on for another hour. ''Dr. McVcy was accompanied on the trip by Mrs. McVcy, who was given a cordial welcome by her many friends in the city. We were all so glad to have with us some of the senior engineers who came over from Buffalo after the annual inspection trip. CALENDAR . Cincinnati, April 26. Dianer- dance. (Time and place will be announced later.) Detroit, April 26. (Last SaturdayRegular) dinner, Dixieland I mi. Somerset, Ky., May 2, (First meeting, 7:30 Friday Regular) p. m., Dr. Norflect's office. p. . Philadelphia, May 3. Saturday Regular) luncheon at Engineers' Club. May 10. (Second Lexington, Saturday Regular). Luncheon at 12:30, Lafayette Hotel. Buffalo, May 10. (Second Sat- Regular) luncheon at urday 1:15 p. m., Chamber of Com- mcrcc. corner Main and Seneca streets. Chicago, May 19. (Third Mon- day Regular) luncheon, 12:30 p m., Marshal Field's Restaurant, Men's Grill. thc law firm of Middlclon and Geneva Rice, freshman, and Lenore Bryan, members of the Paduenli bar. Thompson, junior tied with 10 points nected with thc University practically They will mnkc their home In Pnducnli. each in individual, points, and Mabel Lewis A. Piper cx- - Is principal of the Hill second with 9 points. ever since receiving her degree. Since 1914 she has been the very efficient high school nt Danville, Ky. In the 50 yard dash, Lenore Thomp.iiid popular librarian. Her home Is nt son, junior, was first; second, Geneva '2'2H South Limestone. '21 Rice, freshman; third, Virginia Kellcy, The announcement of the marriage sophomore; 100 yard dash, first Lenore '00 ,if Crawford C. Anderson to Miss MarThompson, junior; second, Geneva Dr. Marius K. Johnson, life member gery Irene MI.c, April 12, In Nnshvlllc, Rice, freshman; third, Virginia Kelley, of thc Alumni Association, is both Tennessee, lias been received by friends sophemorc; dash first, Gephysician and farmer, maintaining an on the campus. Mr. Anderson Is n to- neva Rice, freshman; second, ElizailTlcc at Ki2 Market street, Lexington, pographic engineer with thc U. S. A. beth Hcfferman, sophomore; third, .ind residing on the Bryan .Station engineers, and has headquarters at 40 Lenore Thompson, junior. pike. Dr. Johnston was thr iltflh presMunicipal Bldg., Chattanooga, Tcnn. The sophomores won the 440 yard ident of the Alumni 'Association, his class relay. office covering the period of June 1915, '22 Running broad jump first, Hill, to June, l!)lfi. He also served on thc The marriage of Miss Margaret second, Helm, third, Rice; 'standing Executive Committee of the Greater Smith to Mr. Thomas Fuller Borden, broad jump first, Thompson 6:7 of thc Kentucky campaign lust year. was solemnized at 'the home second, Helm, third, Hil,; running parents in Maysvillc, Ky., Wedbride's high jump firstl Hill 3:10, second, '06 Borden Is Mrs. nesday, April 1. Helm, third, Kerth. One of the "regulars" is Maxwell member of thc Chi Omega Sorority Basketball throw 'first, Helm, secWnide Smith, who received Ills B. C. K. and was one of the most popular girls ond, Kcrth, third Rice. degree in '06 andC. E. in '08. Was with In thc University. After a wedding trip K the American Steel Foundries until lie to Canada they will reside iu Golds-borNorth Carolina. PURSE OF $250 AND ROYALTY entered the service of his country during the World War, serving as OFFERED FOR WINNING PLAY '23 Engineering Corps, and retired a "Enclosed find check for April paynajor. Since 1J)20 lie has been with For thc best original playlet subthe Durlron Company, and is now gen- ment on pledge to the Greater Kenmitted by an undergraduate of an eral sales manager with offices at Day- tucky Campaign Fund. I certainly American University, Milton Hocky ton, Ohio, address p. o. Box 101!). hope the next game I get to see on and Howard J. Green, producers for Stoll Field, 1 will have The pleasure high class vaudeville theatres, arc of10 of sitting in the new stadium." W. fering a prize of $250 and a guarantee Bowman Grant with the Kansas Gas that the manuscript will be produced, Kvans I.ayton Sliuff, who for set era cars has been a service and sales en- and Electric Company) 1130 North paying a minimum royalty of $50 gineer with the Combustion EngineerKmpo.ia street, Wichita, Kans. every week that the paylet appears. ing Company, hns recently been transHarrison D. Brailsford was a recent The purpose of the contest is to fosHe is ter keener interest in the writing of ferred from Tonawanda, N. Y., to visitor in the Alumni Office. their office at 1131 Candler Bldg., At- assistant engineer, Casualty Depart- one act plays. lanta, Ga. ment of thc Underwriters LaboratoriManuscripts must be mailed not later es. 207 East Ohio Street, Chicago, III. than May 30, 1924. Those desiring 12 Mr. Brailsford rcpresentd his class, further information may address MilFred Stone Kam is a sales engineer replying to thc welcome o' the class ton Hocky and Howard J. Green, 110 with thc Vacuum Oil Company, Fulton of '23 into the Association at the an West 47th Street, Now York City. Bldg., Pittsburgh, Penna. He married nual alumni banquet last June. His K Miss Olive Spies in September, l!)Hi. resident and mailing address is 5714 Y. M. C. A. HOLDS ELECTION There arc three boys Fred, Bob and Black&tonc Avenue. Jim. The family resides at SIN DickThc marriage of Miss Lillian Lucile Thc Y. M. C. A. held their election son Avenue, Ben Avon. Pittsburgh. Rantlle and James Eldridge Wilkins of officers recently by secret ballot. was solemnized at Hopkinsville, Ky., The results are as follows: 15 17 ,1924. Mr. Elkins is in the April George Kavanaugh, president; John Mr. and Mrs. Lester O'Bannou arc testing department of the General Dabncy, vice president; John Wayne the parents of a daughter, born TuesElectric Company. After April 24 they Charles Cooper tied in the num-ibday, April 15. Mrs. O'Uaunon was will be at home at 432 Pleasant Street, and of votes for sccretary; and Frank formerly Miss Ethel Anderson, a liiem-c- r Schenectady, N. Y. Milton, treasurer. of the faculty of thc University of "Herewith find check for payment Those elected to the Advisory Kentucky. Mr. O'Bannon is Assistant on pledge to thc Greater Kentucky r, Professor of Steam Engineering, Uni- Campaign fund. I am now employed Board were: T. R. Bryant, P. E. Judge Lyman Chalkley, W. S. versity of Kentucky. Immediately af- in the engineering department of the ter receiving his H.M.E. degree in 1!15, Big Four Company at Cincinnati. Webb, Dean W. S Taylor, Dr. E. C. lie entered the employ of the Illinois There are two Kentucky men here, Elliott, Goodson Reynolds, Rev. T". C. England, A. L. Steel Corporation and remained with Samuel T. Jackson 9 and J. W. Ecton, McDowell Wilkey Raymond and Atchison, that firm until hecntcred service dur- Wadsworth '12. ing the World War. Since his Please send my Kernel to 3320 Per- James Darnell. K he has occupied his present po- kins Best Avenue, Cincinnati, O. sition. The residence address is 312 wishes for Old Kentucky." Moses Patronize the advertisers. K ylesford Place, Lexington, Ky. Alprin (formerly with City Sewerage Division, Louisville, Ky.) '16 NOTICE TO LAW ALUMNI Y. Preston White, who has been "Due to change of address I have with the Bailey Motor Company at just received notice of payment due on Cleveland, Ohio, has been 'transferred Sufficient money or final paynledgc to Greater Kentucky Campaign and is sales service engineer in the ment on the Dean Lafferty porfund, check for which is enclosed. company's office at SO Church street, trait for the College of Law has Please consider this notice to make a New York City. The residence and not yet been subscribed. Checks hange in my address to care the Asso mailing address is 262 West 83rd St., may be sent to W. S. Hamilton, ciated Press, Washington, D. C." Suite 4E. '07, 707 Marion E- Taylor Bldg., lohn R. Marsh. Mr. Marsh has been The marriage of Miss Elise Lewis Louisville, Ky. with I.egare Davis.Publieity Counsel, Bohannan to Mr. George B. Maier, of at Atlanta, Ga. Wayne Cottingham, Pittsburgh, .was solemnized March 26, also with the Associated Press, at the home of the bride's parents in has recently been transferred from the Louisville, Ky. After a short wedding Atlanta office to Washington, I). C. trip Mr. and Mrs. Maier will make Dues and The Kernel their home in New York City. '17 One Year K Floyd Wellmau Potts is county agricultural agent, Jennings comity, Madi- FRESHMAN GIRLS VICTORIOUS son Avenue, North Vernon, Indiana The girls held an interclass track Mr. Potts married Miss Edith Heis, Oc ' ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, tober t, 1!)18. There are three chil meet Friday, April 11th, at 3:30 p. m. University of Kentucky, on Stoll Field. The freshmen won the dren, Charles Thomas, Floyd Wellinan, Lexington. Jr., and James Edward three future meet with sophomores second, juniors wearers of the Blue and White. The third, and seniors in fourth place. residence is at 103 Walnut Avenue. "Enclosed find check for $2.! and will send $25 each mouth until pledge to Greater Kentucky Campaign fund i paid up. Let the good work he "did." C. It. Wilkey, Instructor, Vocational au reungnuysen Avenue, Agriculture, Glenwood, Ark. 90 Miss Mnrjrnrct King Alumni Notes KERNEL of hns been con- 220-yar- d 2, ' Besides the members of the club the Dr. Mrs. McVcy, t' dance: Dean and Paul Anderson,Al Prof. wan, F. Kir- - Sax, Virginia Anderson, Ciari-bAnderson, Mrs. Ruth Duckwall Gordon, Betty Brown, Mrs. Margaret Webster Bennett, Mrs. Mildred Porter Shankliu, Thornton Lewis, of Phila- delphia. and V. H. Grady, of Louis-- i Carol ) villc. ,PHILLIE CLUB STILL ACTIVE A letter received at the office early in the week gave the report of the last meeting of the Philadelphia club, held April 5. at the Engineer's Club, o, Cap-lai- Spruce street. The qucsion of the Senior annual ' To keep before you constantly the inspect ion trip was brought up at and the meeting and the club voted to thought of the commencement program for Alumni wire its good wishes to the Buffalo homecoming Club on the night it entertained the Day is here given: Saturday, May 31, is the date forcniors and als oto the New York Visiting1 Club on the night of the annual Alumni Day this year. will hold a reunion and con-- J i.er dance, at which the seniors were ferences by colleges from 8 to 9:45 guess. o'clock in the morning. Arts and It was suggested that as many mem- Sciences alumni will meet in White "crs of the club as possible attend Hall, College of Agriculture graduates either the meeting at Buffalo or at will meet in Scovell Hall, better New York. Several announced their known as the Experiment Station, the intention of going, according to the Engineers will meet in Dicker Hall letter. and the lawyers in the Law Library. Thc sccretary in the jetter announc. At IU.MU ocloclc the annual business d that a mect;ng w0l,id 5e calIcd the meeting of the Association will be first part of May for the purpose of held in the Administration Building. distributing ballots for the election of In the afternoon the class day exer- -' officers of thc association. cises will be held on the campus and; at 6:30 o'clock at night thc annual) IMPORTANT LETTER banquet will be held at the Phoenix Hotel. 750 Frelinghuysen Ave. Don't fail to miss Alumni Day this Newark. N. J., April 21, 1924. year if you are within a few hundred The Kentucky Kernel, miles of Lexington. There are some University of Kentucky, new things to be seen here on the Lexington, Kentucky: campus and the atmosphere is filled Gentlemen: 1 wish you would nowith the rumors of better tilings on tify through your columns, all the the way. Come on! alumni in regard to a fakir who himself as being Louis A. NEW YORK CLUB'S DINNER. Seelbach, steward of thc Seelbach HoDANCE IS BIG SUCCESS tel, Louisville, Ky. Some four or five years ago this A letter just received from David man visited nearly all alumni locaetd L. Thornton, Jr., secretary of the it New York and seemed to have New York Alumni Club gives an in- perfect knowledge of conditions in teresting account of the twenty-firKentucky in general, and the Univer of the club which annual dinner-danc- e I think he suc s.'ty in particular. was held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel ceeded in gett ng moneyy from 90 per Fr.day night, April 11. He writes: ent of the alumni he called on in New w.c ' York. I claim to be the one exception .. c uuu nu u.e.r guests, auoui u. , (,id nQt faj, oj. h;s stQry but of ... - ., u i lo a u.uucr wnicn fered tQ th(. Seclbach atid if coma nave ueenpreparea only unaer ound his story was truC( wouid glad luiiiim 1.1111 wiui iiiitus, uui he uiu the Waldorf is famous. not want the telegram sent. "As the dinner drew to a close Reu- I find that thsi same man is now 'hfMi T 'P.nvlnr rrjc?Honf nf tlif. rlith in Chicago. I hope that arose and gracefully introduced the . some Chieacrn alumnus will he nnhlic speakers of the evening. President , ,, . . . McVey was the first to speak and he sjjuuiu ciiuugn iu uavt 1111s icuun .11 rested when he applies for funds, as told in an interesting manner the progress the University is making and he, undoubtedly, will call 011 all those who have not been calkd on up to of, his ambitions for its future Yours very truly, date. "Al Kirwan, president of th esopho- J. I. LYLE. more class, followed President McVey Kirwan gave an excellent talk and let the club in on some of he inside of the University affairs. Professor Carol Sax and W. H. Grady, of Louisville, 19 were introduced and Mr. Grady wa Mary Gray Riley is teaching h thr persuaded to make a brief address. hig school nt Unlet , Wyoming. She "After the addresses a short bust was principal of the high school at meeting was held an the officers ness '90 Elizubethtown, Ky., last year. Mis: for next year were elected as follows: A loyal supporter of the University Riley's permanent address is 1G1 Gra J. T. Lowe, president; C. R. McClure, is Richard Thomas Anderson, banker, ham Ave., Lexington, Ky. Robert L. Acker, Security Trust Company, Lexington, '20 Ky. Mrs. Anderson was formerly Miss J. I. Lyle, H. P. Holland Guines Bryan and Misr and R. T. Taylor were elected on Hazel Cottingham. of Paris, sister of The other Frances Vie Wilcox were united In the executive committee of the club. Wnync Cottingham "The party then turned into a dance members of the family are Hazel, nged marriage April 10, 1921, at the Flr-- t and an old fashioned Kentucky "break" five, and Richard Thomas, Jr., two Christian Church, Paducah, Ky. Mr. dance was held. The orchestra retired years old. The residence address Is 11 Bryun was nn honor graduate of the class of '19 and is now junior men. her o'clock but iia one was ready to Mentcllc Park. at LEST YOU FORGET 1317 j I I I ts st . T T Ptin8 ... Betwixt Us I j er Kar-rakc- ex-0- - tMMMM $2.00 Carrier Engineering Corporation Newark, N. J. Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia MANUFACTURERS OF WEATHER to make "Every day a good day" with the help of the following Kentuckiani: secret- ary-treasurer. ls 11 ex-1- 1 " W' w L. L. Lewis, '07 M. S. Smith, 'OS R. L. Jones, '12 Duacaa, '12 TaUaftrre, '13 tit n. worsjum. 'i R. Wsterfill. '30 J. H. Bailey, '20 W. B. Themton, '21 N. O. Isk, '22 A. P. Ihaaklfai, 2 J