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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Page Thtee THE KENTUCKY KERNEL We Took Lexington Off Its Feet HEGAN DRIVE IT YOURSELF CO. Social and Personal Society Calendar Saturday, April 26 lipsilon chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority formal dance a't Phoenix Hotel. Saturday, April 26 Sophomore dance University gymnasium, in the .1:00 to 6:00 o'clock. On account of the limited amount of space for the society items this week and also last week it was impossible to run all of the items. I wish to apologize for those stories omitted. Virginia Kelley. THE HOME OF "RENT A CAR" SERVICE Social Notes Beta Chapter of the Alpha Delta Theta fraternity entertained with a luncheon, Saturday at Canary Cottage, followed by a theatre party in honor Phone 1594 of the initiates, Elizabeth and Edith Farmer. About 25 members of the A Fleet of Maxwells, Overlands and Fords at Your Service Dey and Night active chapter were present. Miss Rachcllc Shacklcttc entertained Free Tire Service - NEW CARS - We Insure You Againtt Wrecks with a luncheon at the Phoenix" Hotel Monday afternoon in honor of Miss Marjoric Riddle, t. Tau Delta Alpha will hold their installation ceremony i..to the national fraternity on May 6, followed by a banquet in the evening. Alpha Gamma chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, honorary chemistry frater- Gloucester, Tennessee, third. Time M M tM nity, entertained with a lovely formal :S2 Two-MiRun Hall, Kentucky, dance Wednesday evening at the Phoenix- Hotel. Men making the high- first; Milton, Kentucky, second; Deathest standing in the chemistry depart- erage, Tennessee, third Time 10:20 ment are chosen for the distinctive High Hurdles Kay, Tennhonor in this fraternity. essee, first; Dewhurst, Kentucky, second; Dumas, Tennessee,'" third. Time Adjoining PhoenixjHotel LET'S RIDE! bride-elec- Kappa Alpha Dance The members of Theta chapter of Klapipa Alpha fraternity entertained with their formal dance at the Phoenix Hotel Saturday evening from 9 limit 12 o'clock. The ball room was beautifully decorated in crimson and gold, the fraternity colors, and at one end of the room the fraternity shield was draped with an American and Confederate flag which symbolized WILDCAT TRACK TEAM the friendship of Northern and Southern Kappa Alpha. SWAMPS TENNESSEE The favors for the girls were tiny perfume bottles in shape of flasks bearing the fraternity coat of arms. The Wildcat track team defeated Delightful punch was served during the University of Tennessee team the evening, and music was furnished Saturday, April 19, at Knoxville, by the overwhelming score of 101 to 33. by the Kentucky Kernels. The men from Kentucky took first, The Chi Sigma fraternity held an and second in every event except the! initiation followed by a dinner at the hurdles and discus throw. The relay chapter house last Saturday afternoon race was forfeited by Tennessee to and evening. Among 'those initiated Kentucky. Tennessee had the high point man were: Dr. Paul P. Boyd, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. in Kay, who won both hurdle races Edward Wiest, Head of the Econom- and the broad jump. Uncas Miller, of ics Department; Prof. E. A. Bureau, Kentucky, broke the Tennes'see track record for the 440 yard dash when he of the College of Engineering. ran the distance in 52 seconds. The summary of the meet follows: President's Reception MUCer, Kentucky, Dr and Mrs. Frank L. McVey entertained with a lovely reception Friday first; Tracy, Kentucky, second; Rodafternoon at Maxwell Place, the pres- dy. Tennessee, third. Time :10 Mile Run Hall, Kentucky, first; ident's home on the- campus, in honor of the visitors here for the convention Allen, Kentucky, second; Deatherage of the Classical Association of the Mid- Tennessee, third. Time 4:49 Run Miller, Kentucky, dle West. About 250 gues'ts were first; Kirwan, Kentucky, second; present for this delightful affair. le The Big Little Store - 440-Ya- I Sporting Goods Dep't. j 2-- 120-Ya- The College Students All Know and Patronize :10. Dash Nantz, Kentucky, Tracy, Kentucky, second; RoJ-dTennessee, third. Time :24 Run Miller, Kentucky, first; Allen, Kentucky, second; Tennessee, third. Time 2:08 Low Hurdles Kay, Tennessee, first; Brady, Kentucky, second; Kentucky, third. Time Dewhurst, 220-Yar- d firs-t- ; Eat, Drink and be merry here 2-- 880-Yar- d Mc-Bat5. 220-Ya- UNIVERSITY CONFECTIONERY i WEBB AND OPPIE KIDD, Props. 216 South Lime :25 Shotput Wilson, Kentucky, first; Anglin, Kentucky, second; Kefauver, Tennessee, third. Distance, 39 feet, 10 inches. Pole Vault Wolfe, Kentucky, and Brady, tie first; Fonde, Tennessee, third. Height, 10 feet, 6 inches. Discus throw Kefauver, Tennessee, first; Anglin, Kentucky, second; Morris, Tennessee, third. Distance, 123 feet, four inches. High Jump Hall, Kentucky, first; Coons, Kentucky, second; Kefauver, Height, five feet, Tennessee, third. Just ABOVE High "THE COLLEGE HANGOUT" . one-ha- lf PARRISH 152 one-ha- BROMLEY S. Limestone St. Phone MMt ttMMM LET THE "SHOP OF FRIENDLY SERVICE" TAKE CARE OF YOUR MUSICAL WANTS. The Music Shop Next to Kentucky Theatre Phone 5215 lf GOODS, GOLF AND TENNIS EQUIPMENT. VanDeren Hardware Co. Phone 340 18 West Main Street f I 1 . We Deliver Phone 4779 ELGIN Let us Fill Your Drug Needs St r earn tine The Viadudt Pharmacy New Model Prompt and Efficient Service MM- - "Why I Advertise" Elbert Hubbard said, if you have anything good, tell the - tl , M V! 1.11 l. people, can ai my omce anu lei nic ten you auoui unroprao tic the logical wa yto HEALTH. 1 li Donald R. Murphy Phone 2886-- x CHIROPRACTOR. Third Floor McClelland Bldg. Watch for THE UNIVERSITY MAN Lexington, K). 169 E. High Street 12 Size $35 to $100 Heintz Jeweler East Main Street Opposite Phoenix Hotel Lexington, Ky. 123 t (II) 1550-Y- 8 QUALITY AND SERVICE inch. Javelin 'throw Woolf, Kentucky, first; Creech, Kentucky, second; Powell, Tennessee, third. . Distance, 168 feet, two inches. Broad jump Kay, Tennessee, first; Brady, Kentucky, second: Powell, Tennessee, third. Distance. 21 feet, inches. two and 8c ROBERT LAVIN, Manager. REACH BASEBALL I Jotice the hats fresh and new. that still look Inside you will' see the word Stetson. STETSON HATS Styled for young men I