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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

TH1 KENTUCKY KERNEL J. A. w. c. Vi ENTERTAIN A VIIITOR DURING? HI SCHOOL WEEK SPECIAL RENTAL OPPStTE COURTHOUSE . Wt Short Street LEXINGTON'S TYPEWRITER STORE 225-2- 7 I STANDARD prices. A le TO STUDENTS RATES IfMt mklt Military Science on your own judgment, and then come to me for an excuse. If a man is To the Student Body: Three hundred visitors from the high schools of Kentucky will be in attendance at the University during the High School Week, the first week in May. The races arc on in Lexington and hotel accommodations cannot 'be obtained. The student body and faculty arc 'being urged to entertain visitors. The Circle has the rooming matter in charge. Every student that can entertain a visitor is urged to telephone Professor Boles' office, telling how many visitors can be entertained and for how many nights. No one student is likely to stay more than one night or two at the outside. Let as many students as can make room for a visitor come or telephone the informay Cirtion requested. The cle and the University will greatly appreciate your assistance. Don't wait. Do "ft now for Kentucky. unable to classes, he will of course be excused from Military Science as well. W. N. LIPSCOMB, M. D. Resident Physician. attend any Su-K- y THE PROPER PLACE TO TAKE YOUR BEST OIRL It TO A Sunday Nite Dinner AT THE Lafayette Hotel ManaiMMflt L. B. IHOU1E -- Our Dry Cleaning and Pressing , Service Phone 62 the laau Day. Lexington Laundry Company MM Becker "Cleaners That Satisfy" We clean for men Suits, THRU, to SAX. "BIG BROTHER" K- By REX BEACH mm mm We invite you to make your selections from our line of EASTER GREETING CARDS LUMAN GILMAN, Campus Representative TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING COMPANY From now on, students who are able to attend any classes at all are epect-e- d to attend Military Science. Arrangements have been made beDepartment the Military tween and this office to 'take care of certain injuries or disabilities by notes. In other words, if a man is alble to drill but is not alble to handle a rifle, we will so indicate to the Military Department. Please do not absent yourself from Incorporate! 258 W. Main treet MM GOOD HOME-COOKIN- HOME G FOR THE COLLEGE B OY Coats, Ties, Hats, Caps, Smoking Jackets, Bath Robes, Sweaters, Gloves PHONE Melle Midnight The season's first overnight hike authorized by the Woman's Athletic Association of the University of Kentucky, was taken to Shakertown on Thursday and Friday during the Easter holiday. The five girls who Lucy Wilson, made the trip were: Corinth Taylor, Pearl Martin, Mary Agnes Gordon and Lucy Gardner. By taking "lifts" the party saw several places of interest, arrived at nightfall, spent Shakertown .before the night at Shakertown Inn and reTen turned to Lexington Friday. points have been awarded the 'hikers by the Athletic Association. K STUDENTS IN R. O. T. C. is Unexcelled ftmit MAE MURRAY UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY GIRLS HIKE TO SHAKERTOWN MM W Call for, Ptcm and Return Your SUN. to WED. Su-K- The Very Best of Food and Service, with a Popular Musical Program. HH H. Haden Read at the organ Corner LIME and HIGH 621- - Cornell University Summer Session in Law First Term, June 23 to July 30 e CONTRACT, Professor of the Univ. of Minnesota Law Faculty. PROPERTY, Mr. Whiteside, of the Yale Law Faculty. WILLS, Professor Vance, of the Yale Law Faculty. INSURANCE, Professor Vance. PRACTICE, Professor McCas-kil- l, of the Cornell Law Faculty. Professor PARTNERSHIP, Stevens, of the Cornell Law Faculty. Professor PARTNERSHIP, Stevens, of the Cornell Law Faculty. Second Term, July 31 to Sept. 5 CONTRACT, continued. AGENCY, Mr. Whiteside. PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, Professor Stevens. TRUSTS, Professor Scott, of The Harvard Law Faculty. DAMAGES, Professor Dobie of the Univ. of Virginia Law Faculty. TAXATION, Professor Dobie. THE GATEWOOD t 324 PHONE 4813 SOUTH UPPER ST. MMMM MMMM MMM MM MM M M M M M M M Ballan-tin- RENT A NEW CAR and Drive It Yourself OVERLANDS FORDS ALL CARS EQUIPPED WITH SPARE TIRES FREE ROAD SERVICE OPERATED BY COLLEGE MEN FOR COLLEGE MEN CALL US WE APPRECIATE The Story Phone 6120 Rent-a-For- YOUR BUSINESS. Co. d LAFAYETTE-PHOENI- X THE NAME TELLS THE STORY 4MM t M GARAGE U M H H Candy Bar H DELICIOUS SATISFYING It's Wonderful Q Ask for Molly O Nivtly combed, well-kep- t hair it end social met. STACOMB make the htir atay combed in any ityle you like even after it hai juit been watned. $rlglal hit been STACOMB used for years b itaxe of stage and Write today tcreen leader of style. for free trial tube. 3 So Jars 7So Tub ml on STACOMB in the black, and (old package. yellow For tale at your druggist or wherever toilet good are told. buiineti Standard Lakoratertta, tee. Students may begin the study of law in the summer session. 710 Stanford Avtnu Lot Aoftlci, California Sand coupon for FrooTrUI M For catatog address the College of Law, Ithaca, N. Y. ro r Q FOR SALE EVERYWHERE D rtMM A w tr Mai lak. Tub.