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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

&&&&&& KERNEL THE KENTUCKY PRODUCTION, STROLLER SEVENTEEN, SCORES BIG AND IS PERFECT SUCCESS Excellent Cast Upholds Good Name of Prominent Organization MANY NEW STARS APPEAR E. M. Heavrin and Annelle Kel ley Vie For High Honors "Seventeen," the fifteenth offering of the Stroller Dramatic organization takes its rightful place among such celebrated predecessors as 'Crichiton," Chair," "The Lion "The Thirteenth and the Mouse," add "The Gimbcra." Many new names have been added to this year's roster along with those vetcrancd in the past. among the fledglings who have won their spurs are, Annelle Kelly, Lillian Rasch, Margaret Yungfolutt, Mary Helburne, Frank Browning and Joe Hays. Of the "Old Guard," Earl Maxwell Heavrin, James Darnell and Ed Gans "carry on," with the sam artistry that has been manifest in pre Although "Sevvious performances. enteen," docs not appear as difficult M other Stroller productions, the 's in line and situation of humor would be lost if it were not for the ability of the players to literally live their parts. The story deals with the joys and sorrows of adolescent youth; the complacent egotism of middle age in the father; irritating naivety of childhood and the consumatc understanding and tenderness of the mother. Willie Baxter, called William Sylvanus for short, has reached the painful age of seventeen and through graduation from high school feels he has earned the rights, privileges and immunities attributed to manhood. lie is also beginning to be doubtful as to his selection of parents; but Jane, his 10 year old sister is a cross which he feels altogether unable to bear. Willie believes he could be perfectly happy if it were not for three things; his father's refusal to buy him a dress suit and equal determination for him .to go to college and the persistence of the "gang," in calling him "Willie" or "Silly Bill." Along with other things Willie is an intense hero worshipper, Dicken's "Sidney Carton" being ihis latest adoption. In order to exemplify his ideals he decides to give up girls. This plan he Tark-ington- blatantly discloses to his crony Johnny Watson, who though skeptical is admiring. And then it happened The climax is reached the night of when "Silly Lola Pratt's departure Hill" fails to appear for dinner and all his clothes arc found to be missing. Mr. IJaxtcr immediately joins Mr. tt League and I'archcr in the Mrs. Baxter for the first time becomes disturbed enough to sink a few barbs in Sylvanus senior as to his lack of sympathy and tolerance. Every thing turns out for the best, however, when Willie finally arrives at the I'archcr farewell party just in time to serve as an escort for Ethel Bloke, also a visitor, who is out for the heavyweight championship. Willie along with gets to tell Lola good-bythe rest of the crowd as she is hurried to the train by George Cooper and Mr. Parchcr. Love's young dream shattered, Wil lie stifflcs a few sobs and announces to his mother that he thinks he'll go to college after all. Earl Maxwell Heavrin as Willie Baxter portrays the vicissitudes of the "in between age," with a vividness that keeps you winking back the tears even as you laugh. Annelle Kelley, as Jane Baxter, the inquisitive little sister, is as captivating as 'Tweeny" of "Chrichiton." She protrays prcciousncss without sophis c tication with the toveableness of "Jackie Coogan." Miss Kelley creates a role that will be long remembered by those who have had the pleasure of seeing her. Lola Pratt, played by Lillian Rasch, is well done. Miss Rasch lends beauty and charm to a difficult role and wins her audience as completely as she does Willie. Frank Brown has the difficult task of adding humor to an already uproarious comedy. His character work as h Genesis the negro handy-ma- n is perfect. James Darnell and Ed Gans, who need no introduction to Stroller audiences, add to their laurels and with their characterizations of Mr. Baxter, the puzzled parent and Mr. Parcher the irascible host. Outstanding in their work were Margaret Yungblut as Mrs. BaXt.r; Mary Helburne, as Mrs. Parcher; Joe n Hays as Johnnie Watson and Al as Joe Bullitt; Tom Armstrong, playing George Cooper was particularly cnjoyayble as be appeared too well pleased with himself to be impressed by Lola. Richard Jones and Jeannette Metcalf making up the rest of the "gang" were excellent, with the able assistance of Alva Synder, who rounded out the crowd. By JOHN WALSH, JR. W3. B. 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