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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1924

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Pt Bifht THE KENTUCKY KERNEL KENTUCKY WILL EE HOST TO STUDENTS FROM UNIVERSAL RESTAURANT MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 0 A BIGGER AND BETTER STORE (Continued from First Page) THE BEST PLACE IN TOWN TO TAKE YOUR GIRL scntcd in ddbatc arc: Stanton Academy, MaysKck, Frankfort, Bellcvue, Eminence, Louisville Girls' Higfo, Chaplin, Clovcrport, Bowling Green, Hopkinsvillc, Madisonvillc, Louisa, ItMMiMMMMMMMMMMM MM Harlan, Somerset and Scco. MM MM MM The schools which will' be represent cd in oratory arc: Richmond, Mays lick, Lexington Senior High, Dry Ridge, Manual Training ,of Louisville, Mackvillc, Cannier, Henderson, Hop Phone 4031 1 Rose Street and CoHege View kinsvillc, Ashland Somerset, Sue lien' nctt Memorial School at Londan and Canncl City. M M MM M M The schools which will be represent PRINTERS OF cd in declamation arc: Stanton Acad 1 l T--l . emy, Mayslick, Lexington Senior ;: High, Danville, ElizabethTown, Bow:: ling Green, Fort Thomas, Louisville STUDENT WORK A SPECIALTY Girls' High, Calhoun, Hopkinsvillc, Phone 3898 EUGENE MOORE. Campui Rep, Scdalia, Ashland, Somerset, Harlan M and Hazard. The schools which will be repreMMMMMMMMMMtMMMMMMMMMtMMMMM sented in public speaking are: Frankfort, Dayton, Williamstown, Belle-vuEminence, St. Xaxier, of Louisville, Canincr, Pembroke, Hopkinsvillc, Somerset and Hazard. The report is not yet complete and ;j a few more schools are to be added to the list. A partial list of the schools which LET US make your will be represented in track is as folSPRING SUIT. We can lows: Berea, Flemingsburg, Franksave you money on it. OUR fort, Massie, Middleslboro, Newport, WOOLENS are the BEST Providence and Tilghman of Paducah. our tailoring is unequaled. Come K in and see. Call us for any work on NEW FOOTBALL COACH your wearing apparel. SEEKS STUDENTS' HELP Chinese and American Mmum 111 J. D. Purcell Co. Watt Main Street lamrpcrattd) I Students Always Welcome! I Rose Street Confectionery MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i vvuiiiivi w Printing ly rsenluCKy kernel ine A STORE FOR COLLEGE GIRLS AND COLLEGE BOYS. - Unusual Opportunities For Professional Education in COmpany ..aaaW BRUNERI Law Commerce ft Finance e, WOOLENS 100 Pure Wool Bsijj Washington University, because of its urban location, offers unusual opportunities for specialized education along certain professional lines. In addition to splendid laboratories and physical equipment, libraries containing more than a quarter Faculties, the student has at his disposal all the facilities of a large city for the practical application of the theories taught in the class room. of a million volumes, and capable and experienced School of Medicine School of Architecture Two years College Preparatory work required. Special College Preparatory Work not required School of Dentistry One year College Preparatory Work Required. University Press Shop Cleaning, Pressing, Altering Phone 5906 64 Graham Avenue (Continued from first page) fundamental thing of all athletic train ing is to build up character." "Tihe team is going to be developed out of the whole student body. We will have to get down to the very basis MM HMHMHM of what constitutes the fundamentals in athletics student's support. "I know of men who came here to try to keep strict training but couldn't If athletics must mean anything, men Base Ball Days are Here. must adhere to training and discipline These are the very factors that make Come to us for all Base Ball Accessories. athletics of so great importance in stu dent Hfe. Girl's can do a tremendous Lee Monogram and Dreadnaught Driver Tennis Rackets, A amount of good in the way of devel oping athletic teams. If they will just bear in mind that the men must not smoke, drink or keep late hours the W sentiment that is behind that is going Incorporated to enforce those regulations. Hardware and Sporting Goods Next Door to Postoffice "I hope to have just as many men MM out as possible. There will be from within but it will be un der one control and under the same rules of training. If we can accom plish this at the University we will have a type of men to produce the type of football team that we want to produce. "If I can get you in the frame of mind that the team is "OURS" we can get some good out of it. If I can get the student body to act as a strong support to the men who are trying to MM live up to training rules, then we will have an aggregation which can not be CANDIES SODAS beaten. The essence of football is to SANDWICHES have the spirit of the men individually backed up with the spirit of the insti LEXINGTON, - KENTUCKY tution." 1 IHMIHM'tllMMMMIMIIHIIMiUMMMMMMMtH GET BUSY BOYS! For Catalog and Full Information, address Q. W. Lankfit Registrar WASHINGTON NiYERsrry Saint Louis H92 i i The SMITH-1 Fine Arts Engineering Architecture Dentistry Medicine ATKINS COMPANY f Metropolitan Restaurant The Best Place in Town ESKIMO PIE MACHINE MADE 5 Turn your steps now to the DIXIE Dealer and enjoy the treat of a life time. A delicious bar of wonderfully good ice cream with a coating of rich, crispy covering, all wrapped il to keep it in sanitary tempting fresh and clean. Made by machine. Another step forward for 5 milk-chocola- te tin-fo- CANDYLAND GE CREAM MM 4 4 jUfoiiBkelt 111 Famous Blends THERE'S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU." -- Ma Ilea ifhop Luncheon and Dinner Manhattan? Served Every Day. Remember (U toothing moothneiif that' gone but Oh Henry's equally mooth.It'ttht proper blending ofrlch butter cream, caramel, crUp nutt and milk chocolate that haa made Ob SALADS and SANDWICHES SERVED TO ORDER. Afternoon Tea 3:30 to 5:00 Parti A Specialty 149 S. Henry I faaoua. Limestone MM KERNEL ADVERTIIERf ; Oh Henry! AFfncCflMafylOc Etwryufar HE LP MAKE THE KERNEL. Stylish Apparel For Men "TURKEY" HUGHES, Ctrnpu. Repretentative Graddy-Rya- n 140 WEST MAIN STREET Co.