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43 > Image 43 of The State College cadet, vol. 6, no. 10, June 1896

Part of The State College cadet

2 THE CADET. 135 THE ALUMNI BHNQUET. Tl1e annual banquet of the Alumni of State College was held on Thursday evening, June 4, at the Merrick Lodge building. A large nuniber of the graduates were present,. together with many professors and invited guests. The costumes of the ladies were very beautiful, while the simple decorations with exquisite ferns made a most charm- ing effect. At 9:30 a nice menu was served, after which many ad- journed to the dancing hall. Mr. F. Clay Elkin, 92, was toastmaster of the occasion and acted his part well., The following toasts were rc- sponded to during the evening: " Our College ............ Dr. John Shackleford. " Class of 96 " ............... Smith E. Alford. l Poem, "Twilight Reveries" . Mrs. Katherine Adams Moore, 93. " The Money Question from My Point of View, Butler T. Southgate, 92. The occasion was highly enjoyed by all whose good fortune it was , to be present. l ELOGUTION HND ORFVTORY. One of the things to be noted in the years work just completed, is _ the great improvement in the oratory of the college. Nor has her elocutionary training been ill vain. More interest in declamation was taken than ever before. The declaimers always were well drilled if they were going into a contest. They were not afraid of too much practice and preparation. Our declaimers have made the best records . lin all the contests they have entered. T _ The progress in oratory has been very marked. Our orators have A in every instance delivered good orations. The style of oratory is not f bombastic and meaningless, but is simple, graceful, becoming and force- ful. The l1ortatory and didactic are intermingled and, if either, the . hortatory prcdominates. YVe need but mention again that State Col- lege won the Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest. { Instruction in elocution and oratory is free to all. It is, we hope, firmly established at State College. The instruction is practical and highly beneficial to all who take it. The department this year was in charge of E. F. Brown, who did much for the success of our orators any dcelaiiners.