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44 > Image 44 of The State College cadet, vol. 6, no. 10, June 1896

Part of The State College cadet

. 136 THE CADET. - THE PROHIBITION HSSOOIHTION. Early in the spring several of the students conceived the bright idea j of organizing a Prohibition Association. On Wednesday evening, February 26, they consummated its organization with an initial mem- bership of fifteen. After adopting a constitution the following ofiicers t were elected: H. A. Davidson, President; T. L. Campbell, Vice-Presi- , dent; VV. B. Wootton, Secretary; T. W. Scholtz, Treasurer. The association enjoys the privileges due to a membe1 of the Inter- T collegiate Prohibition Association of the United States, which organi- V zation has been doing a great work among the colleges of our country. ` The State Intercollegiate O1atorical Contest was held in our col- T lege chapel, May 1, and J. T. Haley, our representative, was the winner. L. On May 1 the State Convention was held here and State ofiiccrs l elected. T. L. Campbell was elected State President and W. H. Sugg, State Treasurer,. both from State College. The object of` the association is to arouse and maintain among stu- dents habits of` honorable political activity; to promote _an intelligent . discussion of all political questions, and to f`orward by all honorable means the various lines of ref`orm work carried on by the Prohibition e party. ' i We would urge all who have the prohibition cause at heart to join us in the good work, and next year do all in your power to make our . association a prominent factor in college life. s DROPPING 'THE CURTAIN. There were many events during the closing of this collegiate year that would be profitable, perhaps, to recall, but here we will notice the most important according as each occurred. On June 2d the Board of` Trustees held their regular meeting in the Presidents oftice. However, before they convened a salute of seventeen guns was fired. During the session many problems were presented which were of' grave importance to welfare of college. They were kept busy for two days. 1Ve lear11 that a few, if` not many, of the members of the Board this year are new men recently appointed by Gov. Bradley. One ot` the acts of tl1e Board, one which all State College students will be glad to learn, is that f`oot ball is not debarrcd from our athletics. We are glad the Trustees reconsidered their former action and gave us the privilege ot` engaging in the best, most interesting and healthful ` game that has ever existed among the students at State College.