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10 > Image 10 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-09-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

aggressively both toward strangers and close relationship partners is that they feel disconnected and have poor self-control. Dr. DeWall has also done some research on pop culture and personality. He studies how changes in pop culture reflect changes that we have seen in personalities over the past 30 or 40 years. For example, his lab has shown that just as narcissistic personalities have been increasing over time, narcissistic song lyrics have also shot up. While Dr. DeWalls job is doing research, it is also connected to a lot ofhis other activities as a professor at UK. Dr. DeWall talked about his involvement with Arts & Sciences Wired, the new residential college that Dean Mark Kombluh is starting with the mission of retaining students. His goal and vision for Arts & Sciences Wired is to connect students with each other, faculty, and with their communities both in Lexington and abroad. This is done through lots of different ways. Students are offered special classes in the domritories that last eight weeks. The students are given iPads to teach them how to become more connected in temrs of using technology both inside and outside the classroom. There are lots of extracurricular activities for the students such as each student will write novels during the month of November. They will not be great novels, but they will be things students can do together. In conclusion, Dr. DeWall said that he is conducting a lot of great research to provide quantitative data on what UK is doing at Arts & Sciences Wired over the year. President Capilouto said that he wanted to close his report with one last statistic. The most recent NCAA graduation rate report shows that among entering freshmen, the University of Kentuckys scholarship student-athletes (as a whole) had a 67 percent graduation rate. Among that group, the entering football freshmen had a 75 percent graduation rate. In 2002, that graduation rate was just 25 percent. The general graduation rate for campus is 60 percent. UK has two SEC Scholar-Athletes ofthe Year. This year 7l University of Kentucky student-athletes were named to the SEC First- Year Academic Honor Roll. President Capilouto said that he attended UKs first football game in Nashville and had the honor of being presented the game ball in the locker room. It was a very touching experience for him, but more important to him was what every coach said to every player. It was made clear by Coach Joker Phillips and everyone else that the players were to be in class on Friday. President Capilouto reminded the Board that the team did not arrive back in Lexington until approximately 4:00 a.m. Friday moming. The coaches take this seriously, and it is reflected in the data. At a time when many think that Athletics has lost its focus, it is good to see that Athletics Director Mitch Bamhart and his staff make these student-athletes and their welfare in the classroom come first. He said Mr. Bamhart works 2447, whether it is with donors, attending classes, or checking roll, he does it. He thanked Mr. Bamhart and his staff for all the work they do. President Capilouto concluded his remarks by saying that this is only a fraction of the good work going on at the University of Kentucky. There are a number of other items in PR l that underscore the tremendous activity and success taking place at UK. He asked the Board to .10.