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136 > Image 136 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-09-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION QUARTERLY ACTIVITY Renovate Track and Field Facility Project Number: 2315.00 Project Description: SCQPEZ $12,000.000 The University of Kentucky's Shively Track, used by the men's and women's track and cross country teams, is over 30 years old and needs to be renovated. This project will renovate the existing track and held facilihy by providing new track and field surfaces, field event training areas, spectator seating, spectator amenities (concessions, restrooms, etc.), and equipment storage. The track is anticipated to be a ninelane synthetic surface track. An athlete only practice throw area has been integrated into the site plane, creating safety for adjacent spectators as well as providing a proper environment for the training and warm up of student athletes. A practice runway is being incorporated with the javelin throw. This area would also accommodate visiting track teams during meet events. The architectural design and materials will be integrated to enhance the proximity to the design elements of the University's adjacent baseball stadium. The concession building will overlook the track so spectators standing in line will continue to have visual access to the event completion. A new storage facility will be located at the Cooperstown Road entry, and will be of suflicient size to store all track and held equipment. Consultant: Ross Tarrant Architects Contract # A111060 Original Contract Amount: $868,500 Total Amendments to Date: Cumulative Amendment Amount: Describe all amendments : Revised Contract Amount: $868,500 No amendments this quarter. Contractor: Abel Construction C0. Note: This is a 'CIVI-At-Risk" contract. The amount will be increased as subcontracts are bid and added. *AbeI's contract was awarded bv RFP process ~ Contract # 4500043874 Original Contract Amount: $591,651 Total Change Orders to Date: Cumulative Change Order Amount: Low Bid: Revised Contract Amount: $591,651 High Bid: Contract Percent Complete: 8% Number of Bids: Describe all change orders greater than $25,000.00: No change orders greater than $25,000 this quarter. I 21