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138 > Image 138 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-09-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION QUARTERLY ACTIVITY Repair, Upgrade and Improve CivilISite Infr.(Repair Pedestrian Bridge at Cooper Dr) Project Number: 2318.00 Project Description: SCOP$ $1.055.700 This project provides for emergency repairs to the pedestrian bridge which crosses Cooper Drive. The bridge has numerous corrosion issues, electrical problems, and settling issues BFMJ Structural Enginners has been contracted to evaluate the current condition of the bridge and design repairs and upgrades which will extend the service life for the forseeable future. The bridge supports student pedestrian traffic which crosses Cooper Drive midway between S, Limestone and University Drive. lt is integral to connecting the campusses of the college of Agriculture. Consultant: BFIVIJ Contract # A111070 Original Contract Amount: $76,800 Total Amendments to Date: 1 Cumulative Amendment Amount; $9,200 Describe all amendments : Revised Contract Amount: $86,000 Amendment 1, 6/14/11, an increase of $9,200 was approved to provide special inspection services as well as to extend construction administratiion and resident inspector services. Contractor: Structural Systems Repair Group Contract # 4500046223 Original Contract Amount: $714,950 Total Change Orders to Date: Cumulative Change Order Amount: Low Bid: $714,950 Revised Contract Amount; $714,950 High Bid: $1,092,000 Contract Percent Complete: 40% Number of Bids: 5 Describe all change orders greater than $25,000.00: No change orders greater than $25,000 this quarter. 23