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141 > Image 141 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-09-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION QUARTERLY ACTIVITY Upgrade Student Center Infrastructure Project Number: 2325.00 Project Description: SCOPE? $23OOOOOO The Upgrade Student Center Infrastructure project will repair, upgrade and improve existing building infrastructure systems that have exceeded their useful life, need to be upgraded to meet current building code requirements, or need to be upgraded to meet current capacities being exceeded with occupant load, Systems include HVAC, plumbing and sanitany, mechanical, electrical and lighting, fire suppression/sprinkling, and communications infrastructures As these infrastructure needs are upgraded, aesthetic and cosmetic upgrades will be made as a result of and in support of infrastructure upgrades. ; Consultant: Omni Architects Contract # A1|113O l Original Contract Amount: $2,028,460 Total Amendments to Datei Cumulative Amendment Amount: Describe all amendments : Revised Contract Amount: $2,028,460 No amendments this quarter. Contractor; Nlesser Construction Co. (Construction Manager At-Risk) Note: This is a 'CNI-AtRisk" contract. The amount will be increased as subcontracts are bid and added. *Il/lessers contract was awarded by RFP process. Contract # 4500047728 Original Contract Amount: $1,034,780 _ Total Change Orders to Date; Cumulative Change Order Amount: Low Bid: Revised Contract Amount: $1,034,780 High Bid: : Contract Percent Complete: Number of Bids; Describe all change orders greater than $25,000.00: No change orders greater than $25,000 this quarter. 26