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4 > Image 4 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-09-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

G. Reappointment of Trustee to the University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation Inc. Board of Directors (NCR 3) Mr. Shoop said that NCR 3 recommends that the Board approve the reappointment of Jo Hem Curris to the University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors for a two-year tenn ending September l3, 2013. The bylaws ofthe foundation also require that the Board of Trustees approve appointments to the Mining Engineering Foundation Board of Directors. On behalf ofthe Nominating Committee, Mr. Shoop moved approval of NCR 3. Mr. Britton seconded the motion, and it passed without dissent. (See NCR 3 on the Board of Trustees website, www.uky.edu/ Trustees, under agenda.) H. Election of Officers On behalf ofthe Nominating Committee, Mr. Shoop presented the following slate for officers and made a motion for approval: Chair E. Britt Brockman Vice Chair Pamela T. May Secretary Sandy Bugie Patterson Assistant Secretary Barbara W. Jones Dr. Brockman said that the Board would vote on the officers individually. He asked for a second for the slate presented. Ms. Curris seconded the motion. Dr. Brockman then asked for any discussion on the slate and recognized Dr. Voro. Dr. Voro read the following statement: "Any real University, first and foremost, is a community of scholars. Faculty is its working core, ably supported by the staff employees. For more than a couple of years now the faculty is expressing their wishes to improve accountability and shared govemance within the University. An election within the Board of Trustees is an occasion to show that. For every elected official the period of election is a chance to reflect on accomplishments and to make plans for the future. I am gratified to report to the faculty that, before this vote, on my request as faculty trustee, every officer nominee ofthe Board graciously shared with me his or her ideas as to what they would want to accomplish while in elected office. Therefore, I am prepared to vote "yes on all of them. I see this as a good step in elected officer accountability, and I look forward toward next years officer elections where, I hope, all officer candidate statements would be written and easily accessible. I am sure that all Board members understand that this is not personal this is good govemance. Our university deserves it. .4.