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7 > Image 7 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-09-13

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Public Relations and Marketing that showed some of this years K Week events. A video presentation followed. President Capilouto reported that hundreds of staff members came together to make this such a successful K Week. It helps new students adjust to a new life, and for many of them, it is the first time they have been away from home. The activities keep them busy and focused on constructive activities which are an important safety issue. He thanked the staff; administration, and faculty who devoted countless hours during K Week and continue with this same spirit of commitment day-by-day. The video showed a glimpse of what the students have done as they prepare for a new school year. President Capilouto introduced the class of 2015 to the Board and the public. This is a little different group than in the past. For this group, there is a high expectation of graduation. One of the scenes in the video was an induction ceremony, which is a moving experience, especially at the time during the ceremony when Provost Subbaswamy asked each student to open a sealed envelope which contained their tassel for graduation in the year 2015. That is our expectation and commitment, not to just give these students access to the university but access to a degree. President Capilouto said he was proud to report that this class is the most academically prepared and accomplished in the universitys nearly 150 year history. This is a diverse and very engaged class. They are involved in their communities, and they have a thirst for public service that is unprecedented. These students are very emerged in technology both in and outside ofthe classroom. President Capilouto presented a PowerPoint presentation which showed an overview of enrollment trends. The University had a record number of applications this year (over 15,000), and it is up over 1,500 from last year. The number has increased approximately 5,000 since 2006. This years class totals 4,140, slightly smaller than last years class. With the new UK core, it was important to have the right size for everything being introduced this year. There is new advising and a new intergraded curriculum, and the University is doing a great job during the first few weeks. There has been great success, but it is recognized that some students have even more choices than just UK. It is necessary for everyone to work harder to bring them to UK in the future. President Capilouto presented a chart and spoke about the diversity of this years class. Fourteen percent ofthe students are from African American, Hispanic, or intemational populations. Four hundred and twenty-two ofthe students are African Americans, which is a slight increase from last year but up 65 percent from five years ago. African Americans make up 10 percent ofthe freshmen class. The numbers of Hispanic and intemational students have grown as well. Hispanic students have doubled since 2006. Intemational students have smaller numbers, but the numbers have gone up three times in the period shown on the chart in the presentation. Following a review of this years freshman class, there is a record number of applications. Academically, it is an outstanding class. The preparedness of these students has gone up every year. Provost Subbaswamy and the deans say there is also room for those .7.