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7 > Image 7 of Fairs and fair makers of Kentucky. Volume I

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

FQFEWORD Seldom does it become the privilege of a state official to participate in the publication of so splendid a work as FAIRS AND FAIR EAKERS OF KENTUCKY. In these pages is contained a factual account of the trials and tribulations experienced by our early Kentucky agriculturists, and the gradual rise to promi- nence of Kentucky as an agricultural state. In its pages also is found all of the glamour and romance surrounding the breeding and development of thoroughbred race horses in Kentucky, a comprehensive background of blood lines and breeding stock and a historical record of the ever increasing predominance of the Kentucky thoroughbred on the race courses of America. The interested reader may follow the rise of Kentucky pure bred live stock to its present high place in the Nation's agricultural picture, and may find the contributions made by famous Kentucky breeders throughout a century and a half. The Work Projects Administration and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture are proud to jointly sponsor such a work, and we feel that the time and resources spent in marshaling the material will be justified by the reception which will be given the publication upon its release. For years Kentucky has needed a complete study of its agriculture over the long and glorious period covered by this book and it is with a deep feeling of pride that we now present it to the agricultural leaders of the State as a monu- ment to their efforts and the efforts of their predecessors in bringing about the position of leadership now generally accorded to our State by agricultural au- thorities throughout the Nation. -7/ . / , l //{z. { 444..%, J T ? ate Commissioner of Agriulture