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9 > Image 9 of Fairs and fair makers of Kentucky. Volume I

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

E@f The fairs of Kentucky, like those of other States and those of earlier times from which contemporary fairs are descended, have borne since their inception a close relationship to the economy of their region. For that reason, this book contains more than its title suggests; contains, by more than implication, the story of Ventucky's agricultural development in addition to the recital of the rise of the fairs in this State. It is appropriate, therefore, that these two volumes of Fairs and Fair Makers of Kentucky should appear under the sponsorship of the State Department of Agriculture. `Fainish to thank`William H. May, Commissioner of Agriculture, and William G. Harris, his administrative assistant, for their cooperation which made publication of the book possible. In assembling the material for Fairs and Fair Hakers of Kentucky, the Writ- ers' Project received the unstinted asszgsazzstsrisssgoVOiuer workers through- ` out the State. The list of these workers is too long for personal mention, but their part is not forgotten. Especial thanks is due to L. B. Shropshire of the Kentucky State Fair for his part in the conception and early planning of the work; To Otto H. Rothert and Ludie J. Kinkead of the Filson Club; Edna Jeanette Grauman and Ellen Temple Harding of the Louisville Free Public Library; Carrie L. Hunt of the Lexington Public Library; Hrs. Jouett Taylor Cannon of the State His- torical Society Library, Frankfort; members of the staff of the University of Kentucky Library, Lexington; J. C. Wehrley, assistant manager of the State Fair; Anne MoCrocklin, secretary to the Fair Board; Col. Lucien Beckner of Louisville, and the secretaries of the national breed associations. Fairs and Fair Kakers of Kentucky was prepared under the direction of Hugh J. Hughes who wrote Volume I of the book. Frederick L. A. Eichelberger collabo- rated in the writing of Volume ll. Data for the book was gathered by a research staff ofNriters' Project workers under their supervision. YVILLIAM R. BREYER, State Supervisor, Kentucky Writers' Project J