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[5] > Image [5] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1991-03-apr2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 5 - President Wethington stated that Dr. Clapp was in the audience. He asked him to stand and be recognized. Dr. Clapp was given a round of applause. President Wethington expressed pleasure in having both Dr. Clapp and Dr. Magid at the meeting. He assured the Board that they would provide great service to him and the members of the Board. I. Naming of University Building (PR 4A) President Wethington recommended that the Board of Trustees approve the name Helen Garrett Allied Health Center for the Allied Health Center which is to be shared jointly with the Western Kentucky State Vocational Technical School and Paducah Community College. He stated that the recommendation is highly appropriate since Miss Garrett had been a member of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She was the moving force in working with the Paducah community and the General Assembly in getting the new facility approved for Paducah Community College. The motion was made by Dr. Meriwether, seconded by Professor Rhoads, and passed. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.) J. Appsointment of Vice Chancellor for Minority Affairs (PR 5A) President Wethington stated that PR 5A recommends that Dr. Lauretta Flynn Byars be named Vice Chancellor for Minority Affairs, effective immediately. He called upon Dr. Hemenway to comment on the recommendation. Chancellor Hemenway reported that during the 1990-91 school year there had been a national search for the position of Vice Chancellor for Minority Affairs. The national search resulted in six finalists, one of those being Dr. Lauretta Byars. He reviewed Dr. Byars' credentials and stressed that she is a faculty member who understands both the campus world and the external world. He stated that he was pleased to make the recommendation and that he hoped her appointment would symbolize the opportunities available to women at the University of Kentucky. President Wethington stated that he was pleased to support the recommendation of Chancellor Hemenway and asked that the Board approve the appointment of Dr. Byars. Professor Bratt so moved. Mrs. Hayes seconded the motion and it passed. (See PR 5A at the end of the Minutes.) K. A4pQpjntment to Universitv of K-entucky Tobacco and Health Research Foundation (PR 8A) President Wethington recommended that approval be given to the appointment of Nancy J. Wheatley Haley to membership on the Board of Directors of the University of Kentucky Tobacco and Health Research Foundation through June 30, 1994 to complete the term of Robert D. Krell. Mr. Wilcoxson so moved. His motion, seconded by Mr. Stricker, passed. (See PR 8A at the end of the Minutes.)