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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1991-03-apr2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 6 - L. University Research Professorships (PR 8B) President Wethington recommended that the Board approve the naming of Professor Daniel Breazeale, Department of Philosophy; Professor Bobby 0. Hardin, Department of Civil Engineering; Professor Craig McClain, Department of Medicine; Professor Theda Perdue, Department of History; and Professor Ann Tickamyer, Department of Sociology, as University Research Professors for 1991-92. He stated that the purpose of the professorships is to further enhance the research program at the University. He expressed pleasure in recommending the University Research Professorship appointments. On motion m&de by Professor Bratt, seconded by Professor Betts and carried, the appointments were approved. (See PR 8B at the end of the Minutes.) President Wethington noted that Professors Breazeale, Hardin, McClain, Perdue and Tickamyer were in the audience. He asked them to stand and be recognized, following which they were given a round of applause. President Wethington expressed his sincere appreciation to them for their good work. M. Mr. Sturgill's Comments about the Knight Commission Report Mr. Sturgill said that he wished to comment on the adoption of the Knight Commission principles at this point in the meeting. He stated that the principles of the Knight Commission are on the minds of all educators today. He said that it is a straightforward position and complimented President Wethington for bringing the recommendation to the Board. He asked that the record show that it is the proper step for the University of Kentucky to take at this particular time, to announce to the world that the University intends to control the athletic program at the University in the proper manner. Mr. Ockerman said that the Board concurred with Mr. Sturgill's comments. He pointed out that the report was issued in March; however, this is the first Board of Trustees meeting since its issuance. He said that he was pleased that the Board had addressed the question and acted on it in an affirmative manner at its first opportunity. N. Aqcertnce of IntermFinancj^l Reportfsr the University of Kentucky for the Eight Months Ended Februarv 28. 1991 (FOR 1) Mr. Ockerman, Chairman of the Finance Committee, stated that the University of Kentucky consolidated financial report for the eight months ended February 28, 1991 is on target with receipts and expenditures. He entertained a motion to approve FCR 1. Mr. Burnett so moved. His motion, seconded by Mr. Lohman, passed. (See FCR I at the end of the Minutes.) 0. Disposal of Personal Property (FOR 2) With the Finance Committee so recommending, Mr. Ockerman entertained a motion that the Board approve the disposition of surplus equipment as described in FCR 2. Mr. Stricker so moved. The motion