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MjluHiHiliMflW MttMiiKMii THE KENTUCKY KERNEL OFFERS COMMUNITY SERVICE LARGE FIELD (Continued from pngc 1) nnd the emergencies of the situation) either ns executive secretaries In ccrtnln towns or nttnehcel to some tlepnrtmcnt of the nntionnl hcntlqunrtcrs. College men needed for this type of work must possess executive nnd organizing tnlents; the nbllity to mingle nnd denl with people; n brond soclnl outlook; nnd n desire to be nblc to render some form of public service. Men coming Into the service hnvc been very hnppy becnusc of the pioneer nnturo of the work; becnusc of the increasing rocogni- -' tion thnt lenders over the country nrc giving to It; nnd becnusc of the unusual type of person being nttrnctcd by the The fnct thnt the orgnnizn-tio- n movement. Is comparatively new nnd the field unlimited makes a strong appeal to the nmbitlous young men who wants to grow with the organization. Unusual opportunities for the development of the individual nrc nfFordcd through travel, con-tnwith nil types of people, nnd the prestige that comes with affiliation with a national organization. Rohe Walter, a representative of the Personnel Bureau of Community Service will be in Lexington on Friday to talk with any men of the senior class of the University who might be interested in becoming connected with such a national organization. All men desirous of seeing Mr. Walter on Friday should arrange for interviews through the President's office. EDDY STARTS LECTURES TODAY (Continued from page 1) on Friday and Saturday afternoons at Patterson Hall. Doctor Eddy will speak on the following subjects: "The Challenge of the Present World Situation," "The Challenge of America's Problems;" "The Challenge of Campus Problems;" "What Shall I Do With My Life;" "A Rational Faith for the Modern Student." Sherwood Eddy is acquainted with every phase of student life and is known equally well in Euporc, Asia and America He is a man of varied interests and has a worth-while message for every student of the University of Kentucky. ENGINEERS ILLUSTRATED GIVEN TALK Mr. Pfisterer Spoke on Advantages Mechanical Draft of Mr. G. E. Ffistercr of the Green Fuel Economizer Company delivered a very interesting talk in Dicker Hall last Friday afternoon. His subject was Mechanical Draft, and his talk interspersed with slides, was quite instructive. Mr. Pfisterer was brought here under the auspices of the National Association of Fan Manufacturers, with the view of explaining the practical application of fans. During the course of his talk, Mi Pfistercr pointed out the fact that since the general tendency nt present is to use stokers, a good draft is requisite. Hence n mcchanicnl drnft is necessary In many cases. A mcchanicnl drnft grently reduces the initial cost of production. nnd it has been shown that to install n fan or blower Is much cheaper than tc build n stack sufficiently Inrgc to supply the same draft as that furnished by the fnn. Mr. Pfistercr also made manifest the growing need for n larger number of experimenters in the field of combustion, nnd thnt it offers n very wide nnd ex tensive field for growth nnd development. early religious training. The (2) peculiarity of their life In the Univer sity. They nrc kept busy all week with their college activities nnd Sunday Is usunlly a dny or relaxation. (3) This is n period of question nnd doubt nnd time Is not tnken to nnswer these questions. (4) They nrc tending to outgrow their old religion. They hnvc left the old environment nnd hnvc grown intcllcstunlly nnd In every other way except religious ly. And so their old religion is outgrown. "Religion is life nnd must go with the other thinking. You must think through "JUDAISM" One of a Series of Sunday Evening . on What the World Believes Sermon-Lecture- s By MR. WARD Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church NORTH BROADWAY AT CHURCH STREET the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is to reveal God and to show his working with men. It Is n record of the developing conception of God's rcvclntion." Eliznbcth Hume led the meeting nnd Julin Willis rend the Scripturnl pnssngo. 7:30 P. M. Lecture followed by Social Hour Refreshments 10 A. M. Special Discussion Classes for Students. COME V. M. C. A. Notes Kappa Kappa Gamma had charge of the second one "f the scries of Y. W. C. A. programs given by the sororities nt the rcgulnr Sunday evening meeting, Doctor A. W. Fortune pastor of the Central Christian Church was the speakReligious er. His subject was "The Problems of the University Girls." He spoke in part as follows: "Despite the fact that they have far more problems than other people there are three of four serious ones which con(1) Their front University girls. peculiar relation to the church. At home they are perhaps closely identified with the church but they are practically strangers in their college towns. They have no church responsibilities and so are likely t grow neglectful of their 1 1 I UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL (The oldest Law School in Chicago) Summer, Term, Wednesday, June 21 to Wednesday, August 23, 1922. Fall Term, opens Monday, September 25. I Faculty includes mem- bers of the Supreme Courts of the following states: Colorado, South Carolina, West Virginia and Illinois. Requirments for Admission Proof of Candidates for a degree. satisfactory completion of three years of college study Special Students. Proof of completion of four years of high school or its equivalent. Auditors. Members of the bar who either cannot meet the above requirments or who do not ask for credit for studies. For bulletins and detailed information, address Secretary of the Law University School, Northwestern Building, 31 West Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois. The Summer The Lafayette Keeping faith 'with the v SMOKER Our lifelong knowledge of choice tobaccos, our years of manufacturing experience and our facilities are concentrated on making CAMELS the finest cigarette that can be produced. up-to-d- ate Into THIS ONE BRAND we put the UTMOST QUALITY. A better cigarette cannot be made even for a higher price. CAMEL is THEQUALITY CIGARETTE made for men who think for themselves for folks who appreciate really fine tobacco. ONE BRAND-O- NE QUALITY ONE SIZE PACKAGE. That is the way we keep faith with the smoker. "Where The Student is Always Welcome" L. B. SIIOUSE Pres. and Gen. Mgr. Wm. Beasley ASST. MGR. L. B. Shouse, Jr. ASST. MGR. Camel R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Wliiitou-SaU- N. C. lit-