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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

5 University of Kentucky will grant the student its degree of Bachelor of Science in the appropriate branch of engineering and Thomas More College will grant the student the degree of Bachelor of Arts at such time as he has completed all requirements for graduation from the College. Governor Chandler moved approval of President Singletary's recommen- dation. His motion was seconded by Mr. Hillenmeyer and passed with all present voting aye. (See PR 8 at the end of the Minutes. ) 0. Approval of University Calendar Change (PR 9) The University Senate has approved and recommends to the Board of Trustees for approval a four-week summer term to begin on May 18 and run through June 12 during the summer of 1970. This will be an additional term immediately preceding the regular eight-week summer term. If the additional summer term is approved by the Board of Trustees, the calendar for the 1970 Summer Session will be amended to June 15--August 11 instead of June 9-- August 6. On motion by Governor Chandler, seconded by Dr. Nicholas, and passed unanimously, a four-week summer term was approved for the period May 18 through June 12. Following the vote, Mr. Futrell mentioned that the student body was enthusiastic about this innovative step to improve education opportunities in Kentucky. (See PR 9 at the end of the Minutes. ) P. 1969-70 Budget Revisions Authorized (PR 10) Without discussion, on motion by Governor Chandler, seconded by Mr. Cooper and passed, the budget revisions recommended in PR 10 were authorized and approved. (See PR 10 at the end of the Minutes. ) Q. Confirmation of Increase in Non-Resident Fees (PR 11) President Singletary called attention to PR 11 and asked confirmation by the Board of Trustees of the action taken by the Council on Public Higher Education which set non-resident fees at the University of Kentucky at $1, 030 per academic year, an increase of $50 over current fees. He also requested that authorization be given to establishing an effective date for the application of the new fees to coincide with the beginning of the Fall Term 1970. On motion duly made, seconded, and passed, the Board confirmed the non- resident fee set by the Council on Public Higher Education and authorized that application of suchfee be made applicable with the beginning of the Fall Semester 1970. (See PR 11 at the end of the Minutes. ) .