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41 > Image 41 of Annual report. 1922

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

lientucky Ag12'tiu{tnra{ Experiment Ntt1t1'o2i. 35 i Sulfur in Plants and Soils. Experiments have been eon- IJ Q, tinned to compare Dr. J. G. Lip1nans "bacsul phospl1ate" S `~ with acid phosphate and rock phosphate plus sulfur, with and ;_ without limestone. Four kinds of soil were used, two of them .g troin the experiment fields in McCracken and Laurel Counties. L the othtr two from Hardin and Floyd Counties. The results n teiitl to t-ontirin thosi obtained last year in showing cletridetl l. htii~tit trout hacsul phosphate in `many of the treatments. The Occurrence and Distribution of Manganese in Plants. H Eiulity sand cttltiires wtre niade in 2-grallon jars of inanganesc- t`rt~ sand. with and without added inan;:a11tsr, all other condi- T U tions heinu identical. The plants used were radish. Alaska pea. cettnti.t field pea, cowpea, lettuce, tomato, spinach. car- iii rot. onion. pol hcaii. hush lican, rahlaee, wheat, oats, clover, i.*=lr~t lteait and tohacco. Four jars of each kind of plant wt-i_ grown, two with inaneantse and two without. The water ii ttntnt ot the sandt was controlled hy trequent weig*liings and athlition ot' tlistilletl water when iieetletl. All plants were al- __ loi,,t~l to reinain until tltose which i*r~t~it.e signs of the titled ot this tlt~intitt as toinparr~d with the rorrt # sponttliitu plaitts which r5ci~irttl ll'lHI'lQ`2'rllt$>/. Need for inan- uatir~~ was iinlitatrtt tnljr a tratt ot' l'il2Ll`lQ"{llll;tint that ntangan=s ltcaiiit~ at liniitinn t`atttn for wi U`Y*"l`~l`tlt. The tonclnsion seein: incvitahle that inanuan~t=r is Tl*>*~~2tl_.' {nr the trittwtli of tlht/~t~ plant~. ln~att1~~ ll'l1l`i it \H%