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43 > Image 43 of Annual report. 1922

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Ifmzlzielxy .1grizu!tMru{ E.rpminzenl Station. 37 ~ . securing the best strains of eertitied seed they 1nay eontinue , to grow sueeesstully this variety which their market distinetly l prefers. ` Ot the fifty strains of Early Ohio tested the yield ranged H vfrom 8.1 pounds to 41.6 pounds per row, the latter being H equivalent. to nearly 200 bushels per aere. The average of the H highest twelve strains was 27.8 pounds; of the seeond twelve, 22.7L pounds; ot the third twelve, 18.8 pounds; and of the ,_ lowest yielding fourteen strains, 15.2 pounds per row. The Q average of the Irish Cobbler eheeks planted every third row H was 20 pounds. _ H The yields of the strains appear to be in inverse propor- m tion to the amountot degeneration diseases present. A l'ew m strains showed nearly 100 per eent ot "spindling sprout." l__ l\losaie was not found in any of these strains but was present IO i in typieal mottled form on an unseleeted row ot? Aroma in the ` lr. same field. ` The tive Minnesota. eertitied (.`obbler strains ranged in es. yields from 30.3 to 14.1 pounds per row. Moser`s strain ot' te- lirish (lobbler from lef`ferson tounty yielded 35.8 pounds. The ca? same strain grown in Minnesota the previous year and then re- et- turned to Kentueky, yielded 26.7 pounds, while a Minnesota A strain ot? (`obbler in an adjoining plot in Minnesota in ltl2l as ~ and again in Kentueky in 1022 yielded 28.7 pounds per row. ru- Again the yields appeared to be very elosely eorrelated with per eent ot degeneration diseases present. M_ The _elimination of degeneration diseases appears to he _ wk the most important problem in northern grown eertihed stoek MS tor use in the South. These results eontirm previous results MO , as to the value of fall grown Kentucky potatoes eompared nm with northern certified stoek for seed. irl} / Mosaic Disease of Potatoes. ln the spring ot? 1921. one he " hundred tubers eaeh were seleeted t`rom various strains and ety. \ 'Varieties ot potatoes (some of them eertitied seed stoekl in- teet eluding tour strains ot (2`obbler, one ot Early Ohio, one of tavr Triumph. one Bull l\loose_ one Ctarman No. 3. and two ot` Green t by Mountain.