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60 > Image 60 of Annual report. 1922

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

i 54 Tltirty-l+'1`]"tlt Annual Report. Nursery Inspection. Ninety-tive nursery establisliments Q were inspected. Some San Jose scale was detected bnt only N in small .lllllllbC1'S. ln so111e cases all infested plants were de- C stroyedi `Where it was 11ot possible to destroy all exposed to infestation, they will be tumigated before bei11g used. { Creamery and 'Iesters License. Licenses have been is- i z sued to 36 ereameries, ice cream factories a11d milk plants I i located in Kentucky illltl to 15 iirms located in Ohio, lndiana, , ( lllinois, West \'irgi11ia Hlltl Tennessee. In addition to the 1 above, 24 licenses have l)CC11 issued to independent buyers of 1 butter 1'at. On Ja11ua1y 1, 1922, there were 427 licensed cream V < stations in the state. Fitty~11ine new stations were licensed 1 during the first six 1llOll1l1S. Otf the 489 licenses wl1iel1 ex- 1 pired June 250, only 359 were renewed. Forty 11ew stations ; have been licensed since July 1, niaking a total of 399 at the \ 1 close ot? the year. The 1lll1l1l)tl.' ot? transter liC(11SCS g1anted during the year was 46. Tester s licenses \\`(1'C issued to 147 A new operators Zllltl per111its to 229. There are at; present 400 licensed testers in l(entueil'S pending CXtl1lll- nation. 1 (.'reamery and t'1'tillIl station inspection has decreased due 4 to the l'act that fewer stations are i11 operation. Two hundred Hlltl l\\`C111}'-i\\'() stations \\'Pl'l* visited in 110 1'0\\`l1S and . counties. 'l`he pereenlage ot' stations 1101 accessible by rail- i road inc1eased trom 40 to 44 per cent sinee 1921, a11d as funds i available tor inspection were limited, 111any ot these inland points were 1101 inspected. Twelve special investigations were made during the year, station shortage or over-reading ot tests being the grounds o11 which COlllDl2lll11S were registered. The names ot two testers we1e 1epo1ted to the Examining Board with the recomniendation that the licenses ot these operators be revoked t`or t`ailnre to comply with tl1e 1(t{llllt*l110ll1S of the law. Samples from cans ot (*11*21111 being shipped direct to ereaineries were secured in GY} instances during the six months i of inspection. A comparison betwee11 our tests of these samples and the tests actually ree;ived by the shipper 1'*\'(2\l%__tll1Ttl'