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33 > Image 33 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1882-1883)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 33 In the first year of the student at the College offenses will count one third less than in the above scale. The Fac- ulty will classify to suit this scale the offenses ordinarily . committed by students. At the end of every month for which the number of clemerit recorded against any student I is less than 8, the difference between 8 and the number l recorded shall be deducted from his aggregate record of demerit. 65. Any student whose record of demerit at the close of a session shall amount to 100 for that session, shall, 77750 farm, be dismissed. Discipline and Police. 68. V\/`hen a student has been reported for any grave , misdemeanor requiring severe punishment, the Command- ~ ant shall order `his arrest, either directly or through the Adjutant. . 69. In case of violent disturbance, open contumacy, or other outrageous conduct on the part of a student, the offi- g cer of the day, or any member of the Faculty present, may place the offender in arrest, and order him to his quarters. In all such cases the arrest must be promptly reported to the Commandant. 70. A student placed in arrest is in duty bound to obey i the orders of the officer making the arrest, and the condi- tions attached to it, on pain of dismissal. Any student i guilty of breach of arrest shall be dismissed. 71. No student in arrest is allowed to exercise command, " but shall confine himself to his quarters until released, unless otherwise specially ordered, except when required to be absent for the performance of some of his academic or mili- tary duties, and except on a necessary occasion, and to l march to and from meals. 72. No student in arrest will make a visit to the com- manding or other officer unless sent for. In case of business i . he will make known his object in writing, and he shall not applylfor the usual indulgences granted to the students. 3