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34 > Image 34 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1882-1883)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

li ii 34 ANNUAL REGISTER 0E P - }+~e l 73. No student will be released from arrest except by the i President or by the Commandant. i 74. A student placed in confinement for punishment shall g C be subject to the same regulations as a student in arrest; - and a breach of confinement, or a failure to perform any extra duty awarded as a punishment, shall be considered an { offense of the gravest nature, and treated accordingly. Y 75. All deliberations or discussions among students L having the object of conveying praise or censure, or any Q mark of approbation or disapprobation toward the College authorities, are strictly forbidden. 76. Any student who shall disobey a lawful command of E the President or of any Professor, Instructor, or other supe- 7 rior officer, or behave himself in a refractory or disrespectful manner toward either of them, shall be dismissed, or other-- wise less severely punished, according to the nature of his offense. 77. No Cadet shall bring any spirituous or intoxicating ' liquor, or cause the same to be brought, within or near the l College limits, or have the same in his room or possession, i r upon pain of being dismissed. 78. Any student convicted of visiting a drinking saloon, or a gambling or other disruputable house, or of being * drunk, or of gambling at cards or other game of chance, or who shall make, cause, or procure to be made, a false official report or statement in regard to a matter of College duty or government, shall be dismissed, or less severely punished, A according to the gravity of his offense. C i 79. No student shall play at cards, or any other game of chance, within the College limits, or bring or cause to be brought within the limits, or have in his room, cards or other articles used in games of chance. All games and 1 amusements of every kind are forbidden during study hours. Q SO. All conspiracies and combinations of students, with I a view of violating or evading the regulations of the Col- 5 lege, arc prohibited on pain of dismissal; and any interfer-