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6 > Image 6 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1882-1883)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

E E , _ . 3 F A C U L T Y . ' ]AMES K. PATTERSON, Ph. D., F. S. A. 5 President, Professor of Metaphysics, Civil History. ROBERT PETER, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Experimental Physics. 4 2 ]OHN SIIACKLEFORD, A. M. i Professor of the English Language and Literature. , _IAMES G. \\IIITE, if Professor of Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy. E. A. R. CRANDALL, Professor of Natural History and Director of the Mechanical Department. C. R. TYLER, Second Lieutenant U. A., Professor of Civil, Mechanical, and Mining Engineering, Drawing, and Military Science, F. M. HELVETI, Professor of the French and German Languages and Literature. ' IOHN II. NEVILLE, A. M., Professor of the Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. MAURICE KIRBY, A. M., Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy, and Principal of the Normal Dept. ALBERT A. MENKE, Se. D., 1 Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, Horticulture, and Agriculture. , _ {{3] Principal of the Commercial Department. WALTER K. PATTERSON, Principal ofthe Preparatory Department. , 6%, Instructor in Practical Mechanics. G. D. BUCKNER, M. D., _ Metlical Examiner. l M. L. PENCE, I}. S. i Assistant in Preparatory Department. ,7 Ai i N. ], WELLER, Instructor in Book-keeping. 1%. P EUBANK, Tutor in Matlieniatics. ]. W. TAYLOR, i Tutor in Greek and Latin. l ]OIlN GILCI-IRIST, i Superintendent of Farm. I Mus. 13. P. RYLAND, i Mntron of lloctrding Hall. i iTo lie iillcd.