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Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Carroll County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

... I . § E CARROLL COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIOIS lg y , A ·_rr.'p , r ·g ` " AJZTTICAN LEGIONg·CARROLL COUNTY POST#%l (National Am€Ti0&¤ L€Ei0¤)» C&YYO1l* Q toni Founded 1920. Commander, Richard Conway, Milton. Telephone 5203. Adjut- Q ant, J. G. Williams, Carrollton. Telephone 146. Terms expired July, 1942. § Membership: 75. Open to World Nar 1 veterans with honorable discharge. % Committees: None reported. li Purpose: To foster and perpetuate Americansim. `E Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with community and charity organisations. ? Defense Activities: Tnterested in Auxiliary Police, Air Raid Warden Service, gi Civilian Airerart Warning Service, Ambulance Service, Signal Services, Motor Q Corps ervice. A H E Local Publications: None. ‘ · { AHERlCAN`RED CROSS CARROLL COUNTY CH PTER American National Red Cross Hill s _ _ .1 Suilding, Carrollton._Founded l9l5. Chairman, P. E. Cartmell, Carrollton. ieleohone 197-89. Secretary, Mrs. F. G. Hill, Carrollton. Telephone 40. Terms A expire July, 1945. ’ 4 - _ fi Membership: 800. Qualifications, annual contributors of one dollar or over. , L Staff Members: Vico—Chairman, C. S. Standy; Tmergency, H. R. Lorch; Charity, TQ Rev. E. T. Perry; Health, J. V. Driskell; Junior Lcd Cross, R. D. Cartnell; gé Production, Grace Cook; Treasurer, J. L. Donaldson; Nutrition, Katherine jp Russell; Home Nursing, Mrs. O. D. Mathews; Lone Service, J. Earl Whitehead; ti Thr Fund, Clyde Watts; Volunteer Special Scrvice, R. L. Booth, all of Carroll- §’ ton. ?§ Purpose: Emergency relief in time of_disastet. _ 'E Normal Civic Activities; Production of garmerts for war refugees, First Lid. *§ Water Safety. Aid to indigent families. tg Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Prcpireticn of Surgical Dressings, .@_ Nutrition Work, First—Aidt_Collection of Scrap Lctals and Other Petals, Dis- lg cussion Leaders, Intcrvieviné. Consumer Protection Activities. Training for Q§ Dirst Aid, Interested in Motor Corps Service, Lmbulanct Service, Hospital Q _and Clinical Assistance, Home Nursing. · it Local fublications: Tonv. . it l ..v