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11 > Page 11 of Abolitionism unveiled, or, Its origin, progress and pernicious tendency fully developed / Henry Field James.

ABOLITIONISM UNVEILED. family servants crowd around him, shake the hand of Massa David, while tears of joy flow down their checks. After enjoying, for a season, the pleasures of homne, Da- vid felt an irresistible impulse to pay a visit to his aged uncle in Boone. "All!" says he to himself, "I have now arrived at manhood. I have closed my collegiate course. I have not sought 'shallow draug-hts,' which merely ' intoxicate the brain,' but I have aimed. 'to drink deep of the Pierian Spring.' I have long been poring over musty lore. It is true I have retired from college with all the honors of a regular graduation. As a scholar I stand on the highest list; and yet I cannot say I am acquainted with the excit- ing scenes of real life. I understand the events that have transpired previous to my day better than I do the mighty throes of the world in this age. I have traced mankind, so far as history enabled me, from old Adam down to the present century. Tihe multiplication of mankind, the rise and fall of empires, the bloody revolutions of nations, and the dread carnage of war, are all imprinted upon the tab- lets of my memory in lasting characters. The nature of man, as there developed, I fully comprehend. But as old time drives his car forward, new inventions are made- the social and inoral relations of our race are approximat- ing to perfection. What is the extent of that approxima- tion, I am not fully advised. "Upon the theater of life, I am now entering at a most auspicious period I am persuaded. I am a citizen, not merely of Mississippi, but of the United States-of this great Federal Union-of this galaxy of States, whose stars and stripes float proudly over every sea. I have been reared in the sunny South, amid slavery, but that makes no difference; I am hailed as a brother, as a citizen of this great community, wherever I may travel, whether in the North, East or West. A delightful thought! Here are thirtv-one States, some of them empires within themselves, containing over twentv-three millions of people, all comn- bined under a Federal Head. For all national purposes they are one people, guided by one will. Ali! here lies the secret of our greatness. " The vast resources, the physical power of this whole 11