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12 > Page 12 of Abolitionism unveiled, or, Its origin, progress and pernicious tendency fully developed / Henry Field James.

ABOLITIONISM UNVEILED. nation can be concentrated in sustaining the rights and honor of the United States. Not like the petty States of Greece, wasting our means and strength in intestine broils and collisions, thus destroying and eating up each other's vitals. No, no, we are reposing quietly like lambs here at home; but let some great emergency call these sleeping energies forth; let some foreign -ay, any nation upon earth, trample upon our rights or insult our flag, then we are terrible-I might say, invincible in battle array. But I must travel. "I have not yet, but once, been out of the bounds of my native State. I am a Southerner in reality. I have seen nothing but cotton-fields, worked by slaves, all my life. Well, these creatures, notwithstanding, appear happy. I am disposed to think no other laborers are better fed, have more comfortable houses, or work less. This is only my naked impression. They surely are contented-they have no cares or anxieties for to-morrow. Oh! how miuch have I been amused with their dancing-their very souls seemed absorbed in the amusement. Well, well, these things I have seen-let them pass. "Now, the inquiry with me is, Where shall I spend the summer I must think. I have an uncle-a hospitable old gentleman-residing on the bank of the Ohio river, in Kentucky. Yes, many years ago, while I was a mere boy, I was there. I shall always remember him and his family, for I spent my time there so pleasantly. He had some pretty little daughters, with fine rosy cheeks, and black eyes. Sweet cousins they were. Methinks I would not know them now. They have grown up, married, and moved away. "Oh! what a mighty change time makesl Then, again, he had some good, old, faithful servants. How kindly they treated me. If I should arrive there, I shall see them all again. My uncle was a kind and humane man. His slaves all loved him, and rendered a cheerful obedience to his commands. A family so happy I wish once more to visit. My parents will consent, and 1 am decided to go. Yes, ye! I must once more sit on the banks of the placid Ohio, and on the flowery banks of that little meandering stream Big Bone. How delightful 12