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248 > Page 248 of Abolitionism unveiled, or, Its origin, progress and pernicious tendency fully developed / Henry Field James.

ABOLTIONISM UNVEILED. planted us in this Western world, and at the same time, placed along side of us the African, who was finally to be our overthrow and ruin." " When I think of the controversy, David, now raging between the North and South, the African appears alone to be the apple of discord. If he were out of the ques- tion, the harmony of the Union would be safe and undis- turbed. We are not distracted in any other respect." " That is a mortifying spectacle for this great nation to present, uncle. Our whole political machinery works discordant in consequence of this African ingredient in our body politic." "i That is true, David, and must be obvious to the most superficial observer. Our National Government is almost prostrated. So numerous are the factions in Congress, so split up and divided are the members of the Lower House, that a majority cannot unite in the election of Speaker. After fifty-two ballots, no choice has been made; and without one, there can be no organization of the House. What may be the final result, no one can tell; but even if a speaker be elected, still the government is incapable of any definite action. It will be a mere incubus upon the country. As to its fulfilling the great objects of its creation, that 'is foreign to the hope.' The great interests of the nation must suffer and be neglected. I can see no escape.") " not this an extremely unfortunate position for this nation to be in, uncle, at this critical conjuncture in the affairs of the old world " Our divisions and distractions produce weakness, and weakness invites insult and aggrcssion. "So it seems to me, David. The alliance between England and France was not only to circumscribe and humble Russia, but extends to this hemisphere. We, too, must feel their chastening rod, and be brought to lick the dust from their proud and haughty feet, so soon as this war with Russia can be brought to an honorable close." " The great SPIRIT of WASHINGTON, uncle, if it could be invoked to look down upon our feeble and helpless national condition, would weep over the distractions and follies of his countrymen1." 248