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His object is, not to create fresh irritations; but "to pour oil upon the troubled waters." ABOLITIONISMI, unfortunately, has a fascination North truly astonishing; to open the eyes of those under its influence is nearly hopeless; and yet it is in that region, if the Union is to be preserved, the change in public sentiment must be effected. But the Author takes a pleasure in acknowledg- ing, that, in the North, there are many true friends whose every pulsation is in favor of the Union-who cling to it, as the Ark of our political safety; and who are battling with manly firmness against the insidious wiles and disturbing machinations of this ever-growing fanaticism. The most ardent desire of the Author has been to create a stronger attachment and devotion to the Union, by showing that the interests of all the States are so inseparably interwoven, that a dissolution cannot take place without entailing mutual injury and ruin. Hence, how powerful the incentives, for the patriots of the North and South, to rally under one common standard and preserve our National Government fiom the hands of those who, aiming to build up a great Sectional Party, will involve the nation in perpetual discord-if not, eventually, in civil Kaar. iv PREFACE.