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ABOLITIONISM UNVEILED. CHAPTER I. 'Squire Henry Gray-His Birth, Travels, and Settlement in Boone County, Ky. ON the memorable day of the 20th January, in the year of our Lord, 1799, was ushered into existence the hero of our tale. So very particular was the family record kept, that not only the day and year were strictly noticed, but the very hour was to be preserved for the perusal and gratification of all future ages; hence, it seems, the very identical hour was at five o'clock in the morning, that the lungs of our hero were first inflated by this terrene atmo- sphere, and his eyes opened upon time. le was a lovely chlild, as all the old women present have testified, and came forth smiling upon this land of sin and woe. The snow, this eventful morning, in soft flakes descended quietly to the ground, while the north wind sang mournfully around the humble dwelling; these were the scenes outside of the chamber in which our Henry Gray was born, the day, year and hour named. The habitation of the family stood on an elevated spot of ground,command ing an extensive view of the meanders of a turbulent little creek, familiarly known as Crooked Run. It was the dividing line between the counties of Culpepper and MadisonVirginia. The people of the Old Dominion have a dialect peculiar to themselves. Runs were the common names for creeks in that State, and this happen- ing to be vastly crooked, was named, very appropriately, "Crooked Run." In the western horizon the Blue Ridge (7)