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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-15-oct13.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, October 13, 1916 Board of Trustees of the University met at 11:00 A. M. in the Trusteest room in the Gymnasium Building in response to a call by Chairman, Governor A. 0. Stanley, the roll call showing all members present except eight. President H. S. Barker stated that the object of the meeting was, first, to pass on the recommendation of honorary degrees by the Factity, and endorsed by the Executive Boar:,` to be conferred on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee exercises of the University, so that there would be no question raised as to the legality of that act, and second, to give the Board opportunity to discuss any matters pertaining to the-melfare of the institution while its members were attending the Jubl b exercises. President Barker then presented the names of those de- sign~ated to receive honorary degrees, and, on motion, the following list was 6unan~u approved: Doctor of Literature James Lane Allen 3 Henry Watterson Doctor of Laws George W. Stevens C4A*Ax - r, Frank A. Vanderlip.-DC- Thomas H. Morgan Cha rl e s W. Dabn ey Milton H. Smith_ ' okt Charles Schwab -AV bv T. Coleman Dupontpo!tA .. Lwt g BishoD Ferdinand Brossaert 7 James K. Patterson R. H. Crossfield W. A. Ganfield ML. B. Adams J. L. Clark W. G. Frost John L. Patterson Chairman Stanley then threw the meeting open for dis- cussions of matters pertaining to the "good of the order". Doctor Patterson referred to the vacancy in the Experiment Station and College of Agriculture growing out of the death of Doctor Joseph H. Kastle. He advised that the Board pro- ceed slowly and cautiously in the matter of selecting the heads of these two departments and that even if it werznec- essary to delay selection a year, it might be well to do so in order that the Board might have opportunity to canvass the field thoroughly and procure the best men available for these posts. The formal discussion disclosed general feel- ing of harmony with Doctor Patterson's viewpoint. Mli , CxkkXv 0-111-- , - C,7 . 4 -T),V.11-1 tllt4_ A, r W 'IN i0o-"A * - o