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MAMMOTH CAVE Is a great subterranean world, with starry firmament, dells and grottoes, pits and domes, mountains and rivers, cascades, etc. Temperature at all times, 54 degrees. The Cave has five different levels and 226 streets and avenues. Of this greatest of all caverns, more than 150 miles have been explored. Eternal darkness and stillness reign here supreme. A trip to Mammoth Cave means more than merely viewing one of the world's greatest natural wonders. It means observa- tional education-affording scientific studies, indescribable scenes and thrills; pleasant visitation of lasting memory; a helpful va- cation of rest and recreation; and something to talk about the remainder of one's life- time. The Cave is open all the year-ac- cessible to visitors-few or many. Greatest depth-860 feet underground. A pathway from the Cave Hotel winds thru the garden, down amid the forest, crossing a wagon road that leads to Green River, and then brings us to the only known entrance to Mammoth Cave. The Cave mouth is seven hundred and thirty-five feet above sea level, one hundred and ninety- four feet above the level of Green River, and one hundred and eighteen feet below the crest of the overhanging bluff. The lime- stone stratum is three hundred and twenty- eight feet thick, measuring from the sand-