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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1915-06-jul21-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Regular meeting of the Executite Committee was held. at the -resident'e office 5ed needay. July 21, 1915. There were present: R.C.Stoll, G.,3. Nichols, P.P? JThbetons J. 'E. Brown, G.' . Brock. President Barker made his report which was ordered filed and recorded. The report is as follows: 'To the 2xecutive %ommittee, State University Gebtlemen: You have met her-- today In regular session. Since your has meeting here; our Summer School has been inaugarated, and I am Happy to report that it meets our fullest expectations. e have a few more students than last year, and the personnel and-quality of the students are superior to that of any ummer school we have eger had. I desire to call your attention Ato the fact that we are to elect, this year. a General seemblj for the Commonwealth of entucky, anad It is impmrtant that a legislative committee be seleated so as to prepare a pl.Pn for obtainin., from this body suah legislation as the University needs. Our auditor, Mr. flywell Davies, will be before you and make a statement as to the financial condition of the Univereityt expecially touching upon such features as have materialized since you last met. I have no futher recomnendatijons to make; this being the summer holidays of the University, of course as an educationjn Institution. It is now at a standstill. In conclusion, I indulge the hope and belief that the next term will open most auspiciously and we will have a large increase in our r'ister roll ovor the last year. Very respectfully, R. S. Barker, eresidenet Professor nderson made a report which was also ordered filed and recorded, as follows: The Ixeoutive Gommittee, State University of 4ent-ucky. qentl amen: Compl.Ang with your request, I herewith give you my monthly report on events in the Colle0e of Mechanical and Ilectrical lngineeringg