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Anna Dudley McGinn Lilly Papers, 1875

Part of Anna Dudley McGinn Lilly Papers

1997MS234 University of Kentucky Special Collections Special Collections Margaret I. King Building, North Lexington, KY, 40506-0039 (859) 257-8611 SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDU This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit 2012-07-30T14:28-0400 Anna Dudley McGinn Lilly Papers 1997MS234 University of Kentucky Special Collections 10.0 Cubic feet 1875-1950s Fair Scope and Contents note These are the papers of Anna Dudley McGinn Lilly ( -1948). Mrs. Lilly, the daughter of Reverend John McGinn and Mary Elzabeth Shephard McGinn , was born in Maysville. She spent her childhood in Versailles where her father was pastor of the Christian Church. In 1893 she married Judge Grant E. Lilly and they lived in Richmond, Kentucky until moving to Lexington in 1918. She was the editor of the Richmond Register, a paper owned by her husband, and was active in state and local politics. Following passage of woman's suffrage she organized Madison county's first Woodrow Wilson Club. In 1932 she founded the Roosevelt Democratic club of Richmond. In addition, she served twice as county associate for the Fayette Democratic Campaign Committee and also served as president of the Fayette Democratic Woman's Club. As regent with the Lexington Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, she sponsored the bill in the state legislature which made ""My Old Kentucky Home"" the state song. The Lillys had two children, J. Marion Lilly and a daughter, Austin P. Lilly. The Lilly Papers include the following: Grant E. Lilly: Legal Documents (brief in Willard Cox's Administrator vs. Louisville & Atlantic Railroad Company, 1909) Grant Lilly Account book (1875) Climax Publishing Company Account Books (1916-1918) Anna Lilly: Political Posters and Campaign Materials (Bryan, Roosevelt, Chandler, Barkley, Chapman, Wallace, Keen Johnson, etc.) Political Clippings (1916-1950s) Local campaign materials (precinct poll book, Democratic lists for Lexington in 1927) Jefferson Davis Historical Foundation Correspondence Hugenot Society Founders files Hindman Settlement School file (1925) 1924 Fayette County Women's Democratic Club Material Historic Lexington Film Material Democratic National Campaign Committee Material Woodrow Wilson Campaign speeches and pamphlets and pamphlets on the League of Nations Lexington Central Christian Church Material Transylvania University Material Material on Women's Suffrage Franklin D. Roosevelt campaign material for 1936 (posters, etc.) WWII Lexington Red Cross News Central Christian Church file Pioneer National Monument Committee (1944) Broadside - ""Lexington Negroes Put over Ticket"" (1947) John Y. Brown, Sr. campaign literature (1927) Photographs (1920s - 1950s) including shots of Bluegrass houses and estates, and images depicting Alben Barkley, Ned Breathitt, John Sherman Cooper, and Earle Clements Lilly, Austin P., Miss General File Series I Columbus Cox, Plaintiff, vs. Louisville & Atlantic Railroad Co., Defendant, Filed April 30, 1909. 1997MS234-001 1 1 Bound book Account book 1895-1905, mostly unused 1997MS234-001 1 2 Account book Climax Publishing Company Account Book, January 4, 1915-November 13, 1917 1997MS234-001 2 1 Account book Climax Publishing Company Account Book, July 1, 1916-January 30, 1918 1997MS234-001 2 2 Account book Kentucky Bell at Valley Forge 1997MS234-001 3 1 Peace Pamphlets: 1). Shall Great Britain, Germany and the United States now unite for the Limitation of Naval Armaments? (April 13, 1913). 2). Towards The Peace That Shall Last (March 6, 1914). 3). The End of the Armament Rings by H.G. Wells (no date). 4). Alfred Noyes' Peace Poems (1913). 5). The Waste Of Militarism (October, 1912). 6). Outline Of Lessons On War And Peace by Lucia Ames Mead (February, 1915). 7). International Law or International Anarchy by World Peace Foundation (no date). 8). The United States Of Europe by Victor Hugo (October, 1914). 9). The Proper Attitude Of The Hague Conference Toward The Laws Of War by Jackson H. Ralston (May 15, 1913). 10). The Right And Wrong of the Monroe Doctrine by Charles F. Dole (April, 1912). 11). Immunity Of Private Property At Sea by Hon. Joseph H. Choate (February - March, 1914). 12). Some Supposed Just Causes Of War by Hon. Jackson H. Ralston (July, 1911). 13). Three Men Behind The Guns by Charles E. Jefferson, D.D. (September, 1914). 14). The International Library: The Most Important Series of Books On the Peace Movement (May, 1913). 15). National Honor And Peace by Louis Broido and National Honor And Vital Interests by Russell Weisman (October, 1914). 16). President Wilson On The United States And Latin America (October 27, 1913). 17). The World Court Is Our Next Step Toward Peace by Frederick J. Libby (1930) 1997MS234-001 3 2Lexington Sesqui-Centennial Lexington Sesqui-Centennial 1997MS234-001 3 3 Henry Clay Memorial Foundation 1997MS234-001 3 4 Jefferson Davis Historical Foundation 1997MS234-001 3 5 Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin 1997MS234-001 3 6 William Gibbs McAdoo Addresses and Statements: 1). Railroad Labor And The Railroad Problem (December 2, 1923). 2). Armistice Day Address (November 11, 1922). 3). American Peace Award (January 5,1924). 4). Shall the People Rule in California? (April 2, 1924). 5). McAdoo for President: His Record is His Platform by David Ladd Rockwell (ca. 1924). 1997MS234-001 3 7 League of Nations: 1). A League Of Free Nations published by League To Enforce Peace (no date). 2). The New Map Of Europe published by The League To Enforce Peace (no date). 3). League Of Nations: Outlines for Discussion published by National Committee On The Churches And The Moral Aims Of The War 9 (no date). 4). Suggestions for League Speakers: Speech Material for League of Nations Addresses published by the League To Enforce Peace (January, 1919). 5). Why A League of Nations Is Necessary by William Howard Taft (December 6, 1918). 6). The Tariff As a Tax on Women: What Women Pay the Profiteers edited by Marion Banister, published by Democratic National Committee. 7). League Of Nations And The Constitution by Charles Kerr (no date). 1997MS234-001 3 8 Kentucky Pioneer Memorial Association 1997MS234-001 3 9 Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation 1997MS234-001 3 10Old Kentucky Home Old Kentucky Home 1997MS234-001 3 11 League of American Pen Women Monthly Bulletin (July 15, 1924, and October 15,1924). 1997MS234-001 3 12Children of the American Revolution, Paul Revere Chapter Children of the American Revolution, Paul Revere Chapter Children of the American Revolution, Paul Revere Chapter 1997MS234-001 3 13 Blue Licks' 145th Anniversary 1997MS234-001 3 14 1924 Democratic Campaign Material 1997MS234-001 3 15 Historic Lexington Film (1924 - 1925) 1997MS234-001 3 16 Anti-Steel Trap League - Correspondence, Newsletter, Pamphlet 1997MS234-002 4 1 Speeches (1936): 1). Acceptance Address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 2). Woman's Administrative Worth Recognized: Address of Hon. Joseph F. Guffey of Pennsylvania (May 29, 1936). 3). Three Years Of Roosevelt: Address of Hon. James A. Farley of the Democratic National Committee (February 25, 1936). 4). Behind the Political Smoke Screen: Radio Address by Hon. George W. Norris of Nebraska (June 14, 1936). 5). Democratic Platform Pledges and Their Fulfillment: Remarks of Hon. Joseph T. Robinson of Arksansas (June 20, 1936). 1997MS234-002 4 2 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commission - Correspondence (Folder A) 1997MS234-002 4 3 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commission - Correspondence (Folder B) 1997MS234-002 4 4 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commission - Correspondence (Folder C) 1997MS234-02 4 5 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Newspaper Clippings 1997MS234-002 4 6 Daniel Boone Biography 1997MS234-002 4 7 Boonesborough 1997MS234-002 4 8 Democratic Party 1936 Campaign Material 1997MS234-002 4 9 United Daughters of the Confederacy 1997MS234-002 4 10 Democratic Woman's Club - 1). The Bulletin Issued by The Woman's National Democratic Club (June, 1926). 2). The Democratic Woman's Journal (October, 1937). 3). Twelfth Annual Convention, Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky program (April 21-22, 1938). 4). Charter Members of the Fayette County Woman's Democratic Club list (no date). 5). Democratic Woman's Club Convention ribbons (ca. 1921, 1924). 6). Revised Constitution of Woman's Democratic Club of Fayette County. 1997MS234-002 4 11 Democratic Party Canvassing Lists 1997MS234-002 4 12 Central Christian Church - Publications (ca. 1940-1950). 1997MS234-002 5 1 Lexington Churches (Broadway Christian and First Presbyterian) publications 1997MS234-002 5 2 National Conference of Christians and Jews 1997MS234-002 5 3 Lexington Schools - Miscellaneous 1997MS234-002 5 4 The Southern Council on International Relations - Memoranda 1997MS234-002 5 5 Pioneer National Movement 1997MS234-002 5 6 Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association 1997MS234-002 5 7 Transylvania College Publications ca. 1940s-1950s(Folder A) 1997MS234-002 5 8 Transylvania College Publications ca. 1940s-1950s (Folder B) 1997MS234-002 5 9 Lexington - Miscellaneous 1997MS234-002 6 1 Kentucky - Miscellaneous 1997MS234-002 6 2 Women's Suffrage: 1). Rebuttal Before Rules Committee - Speech by Miss Alice Stone Blackwell at Congressional Hearing in Reply to Anti-Suffragists on Appointment of Special Suffrage Committee (December 5, 1913). 2). A Brief History of the Movement for Woman Suffrage in the United States by Ida Husted Harper (January, 1917). 3). The Republican Party and Woman Suffrage Issued by Republican National Committee (ca. 1921). 4). Women's Oversea Hospitals U.S.A. Of The National American Woman Suffrage Association (November, 1919). 5). Why Join the Kentucky League of Women Voters? (no date). 6). Purpose, Program and Organization of the National League of Women Voters (ca. 1923-1924). 7). Inside Information published by the National Woman Suffrage Publishing Co., Inc. (February, 1919). 1997MS234-002 6 3 Democratic Party Materials: 1). The State Government As a Business speech of Frederick A. Wallis, Candidate for Democratic Nomination For (KY) Governor (1935). 2). Win With Wallis campaign brochure (1935). 3). Frederick Wallis campaign literature (1935). 4). 1916 Democratic postcard depicting Theodore Roosevelt. 5). Brown....or Bosses? campaign literature for John Y. Brown, Sr. (1935). 6). Why Justice Hughes Should Not Be a Candidate by Justice Charles E. Hughes (1916). 7). The Spirit of `76: Address of Senator A.O. Stanley (July 4, 1922). 8). Shall The People Rule? Notification Speech of William Jennings Bryan Delivered At Lincoln, Nebraska (August 12, 1908). 9). Closing Addresses of the 1936 Presidential Campaign by James A. Farley. 10). Trade Agreements Program: Sound In Principle And Practice, Right in Results broadside (ca. 1935). 11). That Third Term Bugaboo: Two Good Terms Deserve Another broadside (1940). 12). Dry Those Crocodile Tears: Here Is How Roosevelt "Ruined" Business broadside (1940). 13). Full Speed Ahead For National Defense: Roosevelt Stands For Peace Through Preparedness broadside (1940). 14). Labor Advances: Franklin D. Roosevelt Is the Friend of Labor broadside (1940). 15). We Can Afford Life and Liberty: Democracy Is Worth What It Costs - Re-elect Roosevelt November 5th broadside (1940). 16). Life Lines vs. Spite Lines: America Trusts Roosevelt broadside (1940). 17). Electric Power For the People: A Democratic Record - More Power At Less Cost broadside (1940). 18). Vote For America's Great Peace Leader Franklin D. Roosevelt broadside (1940). 19). All In Seven Years! Here Is the New Deal Record Proudly Presented to the American People - Keep the Good Work Going, Line Up With The Democratic Party broadside (1940). 20). It's Your Country: Conserve the Nation's Resources Through The Democratic Party broadside (ca. 1940). 21). As Farmers Profit, Cities Also Prosper: Keep The New Deal Farm Program broadside (ca. 1936). 22). Dedication of Federal Monument Program at Pioneer Memorial State Park, Harrodsburg, Kentucky (November 16, 1934) (Folder A) 1997MS234-002 6 4 Democratic Party Materials: 1). Democratic Ticket And Platform of the Fayette County Democracy (1921). 2). Support President Roosevelt And The New Deal (ca. 1936). 3). Democratic Postcard Depicting Inexperienced Justice Charles E. Hughes and Uncle Sam (1916). 4). The Democratic Digest (December, 1941 and January, 1942) (Folder B) 1997MS234-002 5 5 Civic, Philanthropic, and Social Organizations 1997MS234-002 6 6 Correspondence 1997MS234-002 6 7 Woman's Club of Central Kentucky 1997MS234-002 6 8 Woodrow Wilson: 1). Do YOU think the Glory of AMERICA would be enhanced by a War of Conquest in Mexico? Address delivered by Woodrow Wilson (June 30, 1916). 2). Achievement vs. Evasion speech delivered by President Wilson (September 30, 1916). 3). "YES!" or "NO!" Mr. Hughes? campaign literature (1916). 4). Labor's Charter Of Freedom: Labor Legislation Passed by Congress and approved by President Wilson (1916). 5). I am for the Eight-Hour Law because it is right. Speech by President Wilson (September 23, 1916). 6). Last Call: To the Women Who Want Wilson Elected handout (1916). 7). Alone With Your Conscience - Wilson's The Man handout (1916). 8). Lest We Forget! pamphlet published by The American Party (1916). 9). Sixteen Million Voters Appeal For Light! What Would Mr. Hughes and the Republican Party Have Done? campaign literature (1916). 10). The Woodrow Wilson Foundation: A Tribute to a Great American booklet (ca. 1921). 11). War, Labor And Peace: Some Recent Addresses And Writings Of President Wilson booklet (March, 1918). 12. Newspaper clippings. 13). The Community Center, Vol. 2 No. 2. Newsletter published by the National Community Center Association (February, 1918). (Folder A) 1997MS234-002 6 9 Woodrow Wilson: 1). How Wilson Has Kept Faith With The Farmer booklet (1916). 2). Wilson or Hughes? The Difference it Makes to The Women campaign literature published by Women's Bureau of the Democratic National Committee (1916). 3). President Wilson: A True Progressive pamphlet (1916). 4). The Truth About Mexico. Speech of Senator Albert B. Fall issued by Republican National Committee (October 6, 1916). 5). Saved From Panic: How the Wilson Administration Averted Financial Disaster at the Outbreak of War in Europe (1916). 6). Wilson And Labor pamphlet (1916). 7). Woodrow Wilson: Memorial Address On The Death Of The Twenty-eighth President of the United States of America by Samuel M. Wilson, Lexington, Kentucky (1924). 8). Speech of President Woodrow Wilson Accepting The Nomination For President By The Democratic Party (1916). 9). Democratic Party Woodrow Wilson portrait postcard (1916). 10). The Bulletin published by The Woman's National Democratic Club (January, 1929). 11). The Winning Plan Selected By The Jury Of The American Peace Award (1923). 12). Reasons Why B.F. Proctor of Bowling Green, KY., Progressive Candidate for Presidential Elector in 1912, will Support President Wilson in 1916 pamphlet (1916). 13). The Freedman Vol. 1 No. 2 issued by The National Colored Democratic League (October 21, 1916). 14). The Emancipator issued by The National Colored Democratic League (October 16, 1916). (Folder B) 1997MS234-002 6 10 Newspaper Clippings - Campaigns and Elections (Folder A) 1997MS234-003 7 1 Newspaper Clippings - Campaigns and Elections (Folder B) 1997MS234-003 7 2 Democratic Party Material 1925-1926 (Folder A) 1997MS234-003 7 3 Democratic Party Material 1925-1926 (Folder B) 1997MS234-003 7 4 Caney Creek Community Center Newsletters 1997MS234-003 7 5 University of Kentucky Library Associates 1997MS234-003 7 6 Alben W. Barkley 1997MS234-003 7 7 George Washington Bicentennial 1997MS234-003 7 8 Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs 1997MS234-003 97 9 George Rogers Clark Memorial 1997MS234-003 7 10 World War I: 1). Prussianized Germany: Americans of Foreign Descent and America's Cause booklet by Otto H. Kahn (September 26, 1917). 2). The 1919 Thrift Campaign Questionnaire published by War Savings Organization booklet. 3). Handbook on the Organization and Maintenance of War Savings Societies booklet (1919). 4). German War Practices booklet issued by The Committee On Public Information (January, 1918). 5). The Peace Conference (ca. 1918). 6). The Philosophy of The World War by John J. Tigert, Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, University of Kentucky (April, 1918). 7). Why YOU Should Vote for H.H. Greene for City Commissioner (no date). 8). What the War Meant to Women pamphlet by Dr. Anna Howard Shaw and published by the League To Enforce Peace (ca. 1919). 9). Instructions for Knitting Sweaters, Mufflers, Helmets, Socks, Wristlets published by The American Red Cross (January, 1918). 10). Home Canning & Drying of Vegetables & Fruits, Victory Edition 1919 published by National War Garden Commission. 1997MS234-003 7 11 College of the Bible 1997MS234-003 7 12 Thomas Jefferson Centennial Committee 1997MS234-003 7 13 Harrodsburg Historical Society 1997MS234-003 7 14Democratic Registration Books (Folder A) Democratic Registration Books (Folder A) 1997MS234-0003 8 Democratic Registration Books (Folder B) 1 Democratic Registration Books (Folder B) 1997MS234-003 8 2 Democratic Registration Books (Folder C) 1997MS234-003 8 3 Siege of Bryan Station Reenactment 1997MS234-003 8 4 Miscellaneous 1997MS234-003 8 5 Photographs Series II 1930s-1950s Group of men and women stand together near monument to Daniel Boone surrounded by wrought-iron fence adorned with wreath reading "1734 D.B. 1934," June 7, 1934. Photo in a file folder marked "Daniel Boone Bicentennial." (8 X 10 B&W) 9 1 Miss Austin Lilly helps Linda Clapp with her sewing machine, Mary Anne Brinkman works at the sewing machine in front of them, Phyllis Atkerson and Pat Allen sit at table looking at catalogues, September 17, 1953. Photo was in a folder labelled "Schools - Miscellaneous" (8 X 10 B&W) 9 2 Lois Miller and Clara Hedger sit on sofa and look at book, Emma Hatton sits in chair and looks at magazine, May 15, 1953. Photo was in a folder labelled "Schools - Miscellaneous." (8 X 10 B&W) 9 3 Two girls stand near curved table, one girl sits on arm of chair as another girl sits in chair, girl sits in straight-backed chair holding large decorative dish, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 4 Three girls stand near fireplace, girl in center holds magazine, girl sits in rocking chair, girl sits in chair holding magazine, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 5 Two women and a girl in period costumes stand together, June 16, 1950 (5 X 8 B&W) 9 6 Alben Barkley with carnation pinned to his lapel, June 16, 1950 (5 X 9 B&W) 9 7 Alben Barkley and two men greet three men dressed in pioneer costumes, June 16, 1950 (6 X 8 B&W) 9 8 Closeup of two men with beards wearing glasses, June 16, 1950 (6 X 8 B&W) 9 9 Two boys dressed as Indians hold knives to the hair of five girls dressed in hoop skirts, June 17, 1950 (6 X 8 B&W) 9 10 Alben Barkley and two men greet men dressed in pioneer costumes near a mock jail cell, June 17, 1950 (6 X 8 B&W) 9 11 Men dressed in pioneer and Indian costumes stand on or near a pickup truck with a mock jail cell in the bed, June 16, 1950 (6 X 8 B&W) 9 12 A woman and two men look on as John Sherman Cooper and Alben Barkley greet at Union College Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Barbourville, n.d. (6 X 8 B&W) 9 13 The City Commission stands near tables behind a railing; Mayor McCorkle is the tall man in the center, Wood Dunlap stands beside him with a cigar in his mouth, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 14 Mrs. Grant Everett Lilly, Mrs. Jerrie Morton, and Mrs. Mary Bryan stand in front of a monument erected to Bryan Station Spring. With the photo was a description reading "Bryan Station Spring and Monument, Erected by the Lexington Chapter [of the Daughters of the American Revolution]. The figures (left to right): Mrs. Grant Everett Lilly, regent of Lexington Chapter (1924-1926), who had charge of collecting the pictures and data for "Historic Lexington and Lexington of Today," which was shown at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, Kentucky; Mrs. Jerre Morton, charter member of the Lexington Chapter; and Mrs. Mary Bryan, who was the treasurer of the chapter at the time the monument was erected. Presented to the Lexington Chapter by Anna D. Lilly (Mrs. Grant Everett Lilly), November 6-1936." (8 X 10 B&W) 9 15 University of Kentucky administration building viewed across road, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 16 University of Kentucky administration building and nearby buildings viewed across field and creek, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 17 Richland? Three story house with balcony above the front door, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 18 Grassland, home of Thomas Hart Shelby, son of Isaac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 19 Morrison Hall, Transylvania College, Lexington, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 20 Gratz Park, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 21 Lexington Library, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 22 Entrance to Mentelle Park, Lilly home third from entrance, Lexington, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 23 Building with lower sections of walls missing, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 24 Liberty Hall, Frankfort, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 25 W.C.P. Breckinridge home, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 26 Lisle Home, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 27 John C. Breckinridge home, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 28 The Burt home, home of Mr. Charles Wellington Burt, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 29 Loudon, designed by architecht John McMurtry, built and owned by Mr. Frank Hunt, home of Gen. Cassius Woodloe, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 30 Walnut Hill Farm, built by Mr. Flournoy, owned at time of photo by L.V. Harkness, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 31 Early home of James Lane Allen, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 32 Green Hills, home of Carter B. Harrison, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 33 The Duncan home, built by Mr. John H. Morton, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 34 Fairlawn, home of Dr. Benjamin Winslow Dudley, famous surgeon, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 35 Castleton, birthplace of Gen. John B.Castleman, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 36 The James Home, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 37 Keeneland, where LaFayette was entertained when visiting Lexington in May 1825. Mr. Keene served with LaFayette. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 38 "Meadowthorpe," on back of photo is written "Now the home of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Halley," n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 39 Bell Place, built by merchant Henry Bell, n.d. (5 X 8 B&W) 9 40 The Meadows, home of Dr. Elisha Warfield, early physician, n.d. (8 X 10 B&W) 9 41 Anna D. Lilly sits in chair in yard holding cat, a dog lays nearby, 1946. Back of photo reads "Anna D. Lilly, Towney (?) Atkins, D. Kinsey Degaw (?) send their love; and Auslice (?) also. Xmas '46." (4.5 X 5.5 B&W) 9 42 Portrait of A.D. Harmon, President of Transylvania College, n.d. (5 X 7 B&W) 9 43 Levi Todd home on Lexington Water Company's land near Richmond Road, n.d. (3.5 X 6 B&W) 9 44 Table covered with white tablecloth surrounded by chairs with flag in middle, table sits in middle of Austin Lilly's backyard at 407 N. Broadway, Lexington, 1947 (4 X 4 B&W) 9 45 Portrait of Austin Lilly, n.d. (3.5 X 5 B&W) 9 46 Two men in uniform stand behind two seated men, one in unifrom, another man in uniform stands nearby; photo was enclosed with letter from Mrs. Ruth P. Higgins in folder labelled "World War I" (3 X 4 B&W) 9 47 Composite of nine portraits of generals; photo enclosed with letter from Mrs. Ruth P. Higgins in folder labelled "World War I" (3 X 4 B&W) 9 48 Portrait of Harry Giovannoli, Editor and Manager of the Lexington Leader, n.d. (3 X 4 B&W) 9 49Oversize Memorabilia Series Oversize Memorabilia Series III Poster from the National Citizens Committee to Save the Peace Treaty (18 X 22 paper poster) 10 1 Campaign poster from Wallis' run for Governor (10 X 14) 10 2 Campaign poster from A.B. Chandler's run for Governor (10 X 15) 10 3 2 campaign posters from Alben Barkley's primary campaign for U.S. Senator (10 X 14) 10 4 Campaign poster for Franklin D. Roosevelt and A.B. "Happy" Chandler (10 X 13) 10 5 Campaign poster for Alben Barkley; slogan is "Elect Barkley for Greater Service to Kentucky" (10 X 14) 10 6 Campaign poster for Alben Barkley; slogan is "Homes for all: Elect Alben W. Barkley Vice-President" (14 X 18) 10 7 2 campaign posters for Alben Barkley's Senatorial campaign. (10 X 14) 10 8 Campaign poster from Virgil Chapman's campaign for Congress (10 X 14) 10 9 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Levi Todd Home" (10 X 14) 10 10 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Typical Homes of the Blue Grass" (10 X 14) 10 11 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "If we have rekindled in your hearts, Oh Kentuckians, a just pride in your state with its history, its traditions, our labor has not been in vain." (10 X 14) 10 12 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "So Endeth the First Edition" (10 X 14) 10 13 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "A half century has changed Lexington's famous "CHEAPSIDE" (10 X 14) 10 14 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Man O War" (10 X 14) 10 15 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Records of some famous trials of England. Queen Ann Boleyn, Sir Walter Raleigh and Capt. William Kidd" (10 X 14) 10 16 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Desha Breckinridge, Editor, The Lexington Herald" (10 X 14) 10 17 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Dr. A.D. Harmon, President, Transylvania College" (10 X 14) 10 18 Placard from "Historic Lexington" film reading "Harry Giovannoli, Editor and Manager, Lexington Leader" (10 X 14) 10 19 The Kentucky Democrat, Vol. 1, No. 1; published prior to November 5, 1935 election (12 page periodical) 10 20 The New Dealer, Vol. 1, Number 2, "Published at Louisville, Ky., in the interest of good government, which can be brought about by the re-election of Senator Alben Barkley" (4 page periodical) 10 21 Campaign compilation promoting A.B. "Happy" Chandler's run for Senator entitled "Action Speaks Louder than Words (16 page periodical) 10 22 "The Roosevelt Record: A New Deal in Facts," a weekly publication by the Record Publishing Co., Inc.; this issue published April 25, 1936 (12 page periodical) 10 23 "The Roosevelt Record: A New Deal in Facts," a weekly publication by the Record Publishing Co., Inc.; this issue published May 26, 1936 (12 page periodical) 10 24 "The Roosevelt Record: A New Deal in Facts," a weekly publication by the Record Publishing Co., Inc.; this issue published June 16, 1936 (8 page periodical) 10 25 "The Roosevelt Record: A New Deal in Facts," a weekly publication by the Record Publishing Co., Inc.; this issue published July 4, 1936 (12 page periodical) 10 26 The New Dealer, Vol. 1, Number 1, "Published at Louisville, Ky., in the interest of good government, which can be brought about by the re-election of Senator Alben Barkley (4 page periodical) 10 27 6 campaign posters for Franklin D. Roosevelt; slogan is "A Gallant Leader" (12 X 18) 10 28 Blue poster with Democratic rooster (12.5 X 19) 10 29 Campaign poster from Henry A. Wallace's campaign for Vice-President (12 X 20) 10 30 Campaign poster for Franklin D. Roosevelt; slogan is "Carry on with Franklin D. Roosevelt" (12 X 20) 10 31 Poster advertising the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of Kentucky at Harrodsburg (14 X 24) 10 32 "Poster reading "The American Way is the best" for the 150th Anniversary of the Constitutional Convention (20 X 30) 10 33