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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe For THE KERNEL And Help (he Association G. DAVIS SARAH FRESIDENT BUCKNER, '08 BLANDING, '23 ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR REUNIONS University of Kentucky Club of Greater Cincinnati: Dinner on the first Tuesday evening of each month at the Industrial Club in Covington, located at Tike and Madison streets. The time Is 6:30 in the evening. University of Kentucky Club of Chicago: Luncheon third Monday in each month at 12:30 p. m., In the grill room of Marshall Field's Men's store. Louisville Alumni Club of the University of Kentucky: Luncheon first Wednesday In each month in the Grill Room of the Brown hotel, at 12:30 p. m. The Buffalo Alumni Club: Luncheon on the second Saturday in each month at the Chamber of Commerce building In Buffalo. The time Is 1:30 p. ra. Note Will the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meetings? Doctor Ihickncr. President of Association. Writes Letter Urging Members of Classes to Return This Spring. R PRESIDENT BUCKNER They ALUMNI DUES ARE NOW PAYABLE Fill out this blank and return it to the Alumni Office with your check for $3.00. For the year 1929-3- is P. O. Box 411. Phillip Levy Kaufman, B. M. E., manager for the Is contracting Straus Bascule Bridge Company of Chicago. He lives in Chicago where his address is 3519 Pine Grove ave nue. Aleen Petie Lary, B. S., now is Mrs. W. S. Webb and lives in Lexington, Ky., where her address is Nicholasville pike. 1902 Ulysses Grant Hatfield, B. Ped. is principal of schools at Junction Nane (If a Married woman give married and ftinfle names both) Degree BB&iseM Address Residence Address (Please indicate by cross which you want used) Occupation aad further inforaatieii City, Ky. Commander William Neal Hughes, B. C. E., is a commander in the United States navy. He is the officer in charge of the purchasing division of the bureau of supplies and accounts, U. S. Naval Depart -men, Washington, D. C. Hubert Lee Hamphrey, B. M. ., is a member of the firm of Marri-fiel- d and Humphrey of Bleemfleld, Ky. John Hunt Jackson, B. Ped., is principal of the graded schools at Defoe, Ky. Theodore To In an Jones, A. B., is is professor of Latin at the University of Kentucky and lives at 406 Rose Lane, Lexington, Ky. Jeue Sherman Lawhora, B. Ped., Is president of Red Orainte Copper and Water Power Company. He ' lives at Jenks, Okla. KIRK SecjvTrcns. Alumni Assn. FIRST STEP MADE In the first column on this page L. KIRK, 24 RAYMOND will be found a letter written to the members of thirteen classes of the University of Kentucky by Dr. G. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Davis Buckner, president of the The letter Alumni Association. Wayland Rhoadcs, '15 Mrs. E. T. Troclor, '1G which is self explanatory is the first V. C. Wilson, '13 move in getting together these clasDr. E. C. Elliott, '02 ses for their first real reunion. OthDr. George II. Wilson, '04 Walter HMIcnmcyer, '04 er letters enlarging on the plans and arrangements for the reunions will follow at later dates. There are more than 1,000 memA MESSAGE bers in these classes and each and every one of them is being urged FROM to return to the campus of the University in May for the annual homecoming of Alumni and the The following Is a letter which has been written by President Commencement exercises. Hereto3uckncr, of the Alumni Association, to all the members of the fore the homecoming Alumni held classes to hold reunions this spring. We take the liberty to reprono specified reunions but met in duce it here so that you may have the matter called to your at-one body and attended the exertention again. The letter follows: cises and programs as Alumni and nothing special was done by way of March 10, 1929 class reunions. Dear Alumnus: Last year the class of 1908, of The classes of 1869, 1874, 1879, 1884, 1889, 1894, 1899, 1904, 1909, which Dr. Buckner is a member, 1914, 1919, 1924 and 1927 are beginning to plan their class reunions decided to hold its twentieth reat commencement time this year, which comes the last of May. union. Some of the interested and This means that your class intends to have its first real reactive members began to work on the plan and when the time for the union this year. I feel that each member of your class owes it to reunion came more than 50 per the others as well as themselves, to come and see and be seen. cent of the members returned for The University has grown rapidly and it wili be Interesting to the event. Letters coming to the see the changes that have taken place since you left college. I Alumni office from the members of feel sure that now you will have an added pride In having been the class of 1908, who attended the reunion, are loud in praise of the graduated from the University of Kentucky., event and all expressed pleasure in A local committee from your class will be appointed to arrange the reunion and an avowal of infor your class reunion and you will receive detailed information of tention to return to the next reunthe plans as they are made. ion which will be held in 1933. Begin now to plan to come. Write to those who were your inThe plan of reunions has been fully explained in previous issues of timates in college and urge them to meet you at the University The Kernel and by now is thorCommencement this year. oughly understood by all the mem Ask those who attended the 1908 class reunion last year conbers of the Alumni Association. cerning the pleasure they had then you will surely come. Next year the classes whose year of The Alumni Association will do all in its power to make your Graduation ends in 5 or o win oe the ones to hold reunions and so on, class reunion a great success, and the University warmly welcomes causing each class reunion to fall you, every five years. Faithfully yours, The complete arrangements nave not been made as yet but will be G. DAVIS BUCKNER, '08 announced within a few weeks. It President, University of Kentucky Alumni Association. is already planned to have each I class attend the commencement ex ercises in a body and sit together. ton, Ky. Her address is 225 South There will be events planned for all the homecoming Alumni as well as Limestone street. Tell Me James Asa McConathy, B. S., is special events for the members of living in Lexington, Ky., where his the different classes. Dr. Harry C. Matlack, ex- - is a address is 224 Clay avenue. 1896 dentist and is practicing his proJoel Irvine Lyle, B. M. E., M. E. is 425 Virginia avenue. fession in Cincinnati, Ohio where Jack Stubblefield Johnson, A. B., his address is 19 West Seventh 1902, is a life member of the Alumni Association. He is general man- is superintendent of schools for the street. ager of the Carrier Engineering Cor- United States Steel Corporation in - is teachRichard M. Millard, exporation of Newark, N. J. He lives in Lynch, Ky. He lives at the Lynch e, ing in the public schools of Plainfleld, N. J., where his address hotel. Ky. 1899 Jean Miller, ex- - is with the Green is 1200 West Seventh street. 1897 Leila May Graves, B. S., now is Tree Shops, Lexington, Ky., and Robert Lee Gordon, A. B., A. M. Mrs. E. D. Young and lives in Hunther residence is 187 Market street. Claude Logan Riley, ex- - is pres- 1898, is attorney and general man- ington, W. Va., where her address is ident of the C. L. Riley Coal Com- ager for the Bell Pump Company of P. O. Box 906. pany. He has offices at 1412 Fayette Bartlettsville, Okla. His address is Minnie Lee Horton, A. B., now is 815 Johnston avenue. Bank building, Lexington, Ky. Mrs. Catsby Woodford Jr., and lives ex- - is living in Mrs. W. R. Welch, Clara Brooks Gunn, B. S., now is in Paris, Ky. Lexington where her address is 120 Mrs. W. A. Hifner and lives at 360 Phillip Preston Johnston, B. M. E, South Hanover avenue. Transylvania park, Lexington, Ky. is a farmer and lives on the Bryant Miss Masie Wolverton, ex- - is Harry Herndon, B. S., Station pike, in Fayette county, near Dr. James teaching in the Lexington Senior is a physician and surgeon and is lo- Lexington, Ky. high school and her address is 355 cated in Pineville, Ky. 1900 South Broadway. Thomas Conway Kelley, B. M. E., Calvin Evans Hardin, B. S is an Charles Mason Davidson, ex- - is a M. E, 1906, is a consulting engineer attorney-at-lain Leesville, La. His junior engineer for the Illinois in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has offices address is 1401 Court House. State Highway Commission. He is in the Second National Bank buildPclham Johnston, B. M. E., at present located in Peoria, 111. ing and lives at 35 Gilbert apart- M.John 1901, is an attorney-at-laE. where his address is 614 Bryant ments, Gilbert avenue. and has his offices in the Guaranty avenue. Graham Hawes Kemper, M. S., is Bank and Trust building, Lexing1894 in the United States consular serv- ton, Ky. Ulysses Anderson Garrard, B. M. ice and recently returned to the Mr. Arthur Vane Lester, B. C. E., E, is a consulting engineer in New United States from Japan. He can C. E. 1916, is one of the members York City where his address is 43 be reached by addressing him in of the firm of the Industrial BuildExchange place. His residence ad- care of the U. S. Consular Service, ing Company of Dayton, Ohio. His street, Olive-hurs- t, Washington, D. C. dress is 12 Twenty-fir- st address is 757 Riebold building. Long Island. 1898 1901 James Morrison Hays, A. B is an David William Hammock, B. S., is Mary Logan Gordon, A. B., is a attorney-at-la- w and is located in superintendent of schools at Olive teacher in the Alabama School for Okmulgee, Okla., where his address Hill, Ky. the Deaf in Talladega, Ala. is 312 North Morton street. Robert Browning Hamilton, B. S., Robert Bruce Hunt, B. M. E., is Dr. Leornard Samuel Hughes, B. A. B. 1903, is an attorney with the a mechanical engineer for the FlorS., is a surgeon in the National American Surety Company of New ida East Coast Railway Company. Home for Disabled Soldiers in DanYork City. He lives in Montclair, He is located in St. Augustine, Fla., ville, 111. N. J., where his address is 107 where his address is 12 Nelmar 1895 South Fullerton. Thomas Smith Hamilton, B. M. E., Elizabeth Wfaittington King, A. B Leila Eleanor Jones, B. Ped., now is Mrs. T. L. Richmond and lives in A. M. 1896, is now Mrs. Charles M. E. 1899, is an engineer and is loJudson Smith and lives in Lexing cated in Bogalusa, La. His address Arlington, Calif., where her address SECRETARY-TREASURE- CUss RAYMOND Published By and For University Alumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY DR. Edited by Utrupp-Man- n Mr. Robert T. Mann Jr., former ly of Lexington, and Miss Marie Utrupp, of Ottawa, Ohio, were mar ried last week in El Paso, Texas, where Mr. Mann now holds a position as civil engineer. The bride is the attractive daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Utrupp, of Ottawa, Ohio, and Mr. Mann is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Mann, of Lexington. He was graduated from the College of Engineering, University of Kentucky, in the class of 1925; was formerly connected with government engineering work in Cuba and has spent the last two years in Denver, Col., before going to El Paso. The bride and bridegroom will be at home in El Paso. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. William Preston White of Cleveland, Ohio, are welcoming a son, Russell Preston White, who was bom in Cleveland last week. Mr. White is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. White of Lexington, and is a former student of the University of Kentucky. CAFETERIA THREE MEALS Served on the campus every school day ALUMNI UNITE IN WEDDINGS UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP William Townscnd. '12, nnd James Park, '15, Will Be Associated in Practice of Law. law partnership recently formed in Lexington combines two men who are prominent both as attorneys and as Alumni of the University of Kentucky. William H. Townsend, 1912, and James Park, 1915, both graduates of the College of Law of the University of Kentucky, have formed a partnership for the practice of law, according to a recent announcement made in the Lexington newspapers. The new firm will be known as Townsend and Park and will have offices in the First and City National Bank building. The partnership will become effective on April 1. Mr. Townsend was graduated from the University with the class of 1912 and has been engaged in the practice of law in Lexington since his graduation. He has achieved a statewide reputation as a corporation lawyer and has been council in a great number of important corporation litigations in Lexington and elsewhere. has Mr. Townsend achieved a national reputation as a writer and authority on Abraham Lincoln and has been the author of numerous articles on the Civil War president which has appeared In the press and national magazines. Mr. Park was graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences of the University with the class of 1915 and a few years later from the College of Law. When the United States entered the World War he enlisted in the aviation service. After the war he engaged in the practice of his profession in Richmond, Ky., and served as a member of the house of representatives from Madison coun ty in 1922. He later came to Lex ington and began the practice of law. Since then he has established wide clientele. He is at present the commonwealths attorney for Fayette county, serving before his recent election as county attorney for Fayette county. He has maintained his offices in the Security Trust building for a number of years. The offices wnicn previously were occuppied by Mr. Townsend will be enlarged and utilized by the new firm. SERVING Breakfast Lunch ... Dinner Open between HOURS: 7:15 . 9:15 11:3012:45 5:00 6:30 meals for sandwiches, milk, hot drinks ice cream and candy Third Floor McVeyHall A MISSING MEN The Alumni office will appreciate it if you will send in to this office the addresses of any of the Alumni who are listed below: COME IN AND SEE OUR LINE of PENNANTS BANNERS and K MEMORY BOOKS Campus Book Store McVEY HALL Gifts That Laft r-- You can purchase Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, etc., of the better grade on the deferred payment plan. SKULLER'S Lexington's Leading Jewelers Mildred Stiles, 1907: 127 W. MAIN ST. James Alfred Boyd, 1911: ..Ernest Thompson Douglas, 1911: ' mnniiii)iiiiiiiiiiiniiniiHiiiiniiiiiiim: Order Now for EASTER William Edward Hudson, 1911: Hendrix Gilbert Lytel, 1911: Grover Cleveland Mills, PHONE 344 1911 : MEN'S TAILORED SUITS $30 to $50 David Walter Smith, 1911: "MADE TO ORDER Satisfaction Walter Helm Ammerman, 1912: MADE TO FIT" Guaranteed Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations Thomas Elmer Beatty, 1912: ; BEN Mary Irene Hughes, 1912: Justrigfat Tailoring Co. Harry George Korphage, 1912: Joseph Millett Lewis, LEVY'S PHONE 1105Y 1912: 116 S. LIME Walton Perkins, 1912: Spruce Up! Alexander Timberlake Ramsey, 1912: Raynor Wendell Tinsley, 1912: William Ablthal Wallace, 1912: Clothes Do Help You Win ; Keep Them Cleaned and Repaired John Rudolph Watson, 1912: Philip Arthur Whltacre, 1912: SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS f Algernon Sidney Winston, 1912: Charles Leon Bolsey, 1913: Herbert Adolph Conhurst, 1913: Louis David Covitt, 1813: Applegate, Graves Co. CLEANERS and DYERS Two Locations Phones 288 6278 4 i