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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

11 26th Sunday Went to church in the Morning Elder Moore Preached Went to Mrs. Allins in the evening with S B Martin and to Squire Lillys in company with Miss Ellen at night 27th went to Henderson today with ThomasSmith a very hot sultry day 28th was in Henderson again today under an attachment as a witness for J J Bentley against John`Williams suit called and judgement for Plain- tiff of $17.00 I was very unwell in the evening & night . 29th I have been very unwell today confined to my bed the most of the day 30th I have been sick all day although I went to Corrydon in the Morning and have been confinedhc my bed Nearly all the evening This Month has been Exceedingly fine for the Farmer and the crops of all Kinds in this I portion of the county promises a large yield the wheat crop has been earlier than usual and the greater Portion of the crop is now saved we have had rain a plenty to suit the farmers Purposes through the whole of this month and whilst writing this appears like a Person can allmost see the corn and Tobacco Growing Julv lst I will be in the month of Jul b sa ins the weather is v ln very warm I have been riding arround today in company with Miss Sue Lilly and Miss Ellen Allin to raise a subscription for a Picnic we succeeded very well considering I have been unwell all day 2nd I was very unwell toda and remained in mv room all dar u J ./ . 3rd Sunday I went to church Elder Thurman Preached in the Morning ll and some 5 or 6 Negroes Preached in the evening hth I went to the Earbacue at the Pair Grounds in the morning in company with Miss Ellen Allin and attended the Methodist supper at Woodruff Hall at Night But was too unwell to enjoy Myself as I could have done under othexcircumstances Sth Came home in the Morning and went to bed I was very sick in the evening and I begin to realize the fact that I have chased the wild goose a little too far _ 6th I kept my bed all day untill about h oclock in the evening when I went a buggy riding with a young lady but I paid deady for my folly at night p Tth. I went to Henderson this Morning on Business I was so unwell _ when I got there that I had to turn round and come Back home Sth I am still very unwell Hy Cough is very lad and I have kept my I"] " . _ ___ _ . bed all day ihe doctor says I am Laboring under an attack of Chronic Bronchitis 9th I have been confined to my room all day and I begin to realize