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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

12 the feelings of an invalid and I could Allmost Murmur against fate if it . were not wrong that one so lonely as myself should have to contend against such swarms of Flies for so long a time Mlth Sunday Remained at Home all day in Eed the most of the time a hard way of spending the sabbath llth I have been unwell all day consequently I have remained at Home 12th Went in company with Miss Sue Lilly To Mrs. Allins in the evening &c 13th I have felt more like myself today than for the last two weeks but have Been veri articular to Keen out of the sun it has been ve J 5 I warm today I think the warmest day of the season we begin to need rain again very much I lhth Went to Henderson in company with H D Williams a very warm day got wet in the evening but the rain did not extend far we had no rain at all in this part of the county 15th I have been unwell all day today `Hent to church in the Morning Elder Wheeler Preached but did not stay to hear the sermon loth I attended the Pichic at H D Williams orchard today a large crowd Present I enjoyed Myself finely considering my health we had plenty to eat and evrything Passed off Pleasantly l7th Sunday `Tent to church in the Morning Rev Er Reed Preached went to Col Coopers in the evening ldth I have been topin; Tobacco today the day has been usually hot d sultry the Thermometer stood at lOO in the shade at two oclock l9th I Received of F A Cannon.#23.EO the Amt of Principal d Interest of an Execution in favor of R G Shannon Also @h.O5 the Amt of Principal u A Interest of an Execution in favor of J A Powell Also $h.O to be credited on an Execution in favor of Hancock d Powell This day has been very warm I sold J Stinett a Hare for 3YO to be Paid in Lumber at the Mill of Lame Nckendrick h Co 20th I have been Busy Topin; Tobacco and hunting a cool place all day 2lst Finished Toping one Piece of Tobacco the first time this Nornhg Went in company with Miss Ellen Allin To Mr. Haskins in the evening and from there to Squire Turners at Night 22nd I was ridinj arround this Morning in company with some young Ladies went to Corrydon in the evening in company with E F Martin 23rd Tent to a Iarbacue at Paschal Houses Spring in company with 5 I Martin e others a verry Poor affair Gov Powell F F Dellam and others spoke on the Railroad question from Henderson to Tashville showing