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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

167 lOth I was at work on fence &c again to day llth At work on fence &c 12th Sunday this has been a pleasant day I was at home untill Dinner and walked down to Sam Coopers in the evening 13th Went to Henderson to day in company with Mary A Cooper and Adelia the day was pleasant and the roads were as dusty as Summer allthough evrything wears a lively aspect in the City as Business seems to be brisk but nevertheless a general gloom pervades the whole community the Merchant smiles pleasantly as he displays his wares yet there is care on his brow and when you talk with him he is anything but hopefull Union . men as well as Southern Rights Men are becoming despondent as this war seems no nearer an end than it did one year ago and the conscription which is soon to be enforced will only agravate the allread distressing state of things I saw for the first time a guard of soldiers arround a store (R M Allins) he was arrested by the Military authorities for sell- ing goods to Persons who designed carrying them south the Court house was well Peopled with Prisnners who have been arrested and confined there for various offences against the Millitary Law lhth this has been a wet day and the rain was badly needed for tobacco beds &c l5th I was at work on plank fence again to day the weather is fine for farming 16th Helped Thos Smith roll logs to day this has been the warmest day of the season 17th I finished my Plank fenceko day and got my woods lot nearly fenced all arround 18th At work on gates &c to day another warm day 19th Sunday last night the rain Poured down as it were in torrents and it is still raining this morning the rain stoped at eight o*clock this morning and the sun came out Brightly all nature once more is Putting on its green robes the birds are warbling their sweet songs and evrything seems full of life the hum of insects resounds through the air and the fropgs render the streams vocal with their never ceasing songs I was at church this morning but there was no preaching I was over at Uncle Stephen Martins this evening with Adelia and Mother and spent the evening Brother Fallan held a small prayer meeting and it waswith feelings I have seldom felt before for as I knelt down in that house under so many and varied circumstances memory went back in spite of the pleading of the minister for the sick and the afflicted to other days and other scenes in years that are forever past and gone I could but feel sad oer the many changes time has wrought changes perhaps for the best which have left an impress on memorys sacred page which will last during life it was indeed a change to get from the wild jesting world to a religious meeting though it wasbut a family gathering