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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

170 sent to Johnson Island to remain during the war or be exchanged but this is only one instance of the many thousands that are daily occuring women n. and helpless children are not exempt for all who sympathize in any way with their Soutern friends and Brothers in rebellion are liable to be im- prisoned or Banished from their homes And lately the tide of Battle has again Rolled oer Virginias down trodden and allready blood washed soil the heights of Fredricksburg have again been the scene of one of the most bloody and sanguinary Battles that has ever been fought and at one time the accounts of this dreadfull slaughter would have appalled us but now we only think of the folly of man and wait eager to hear from the next contest I was at Church in the morn- ing but there was no preaching went to singing in the evening llth Went to Henderson to day I visited Jack Allin to day in the guard House This was the first time I have seen him since he left with I the Guerrillas there was a number of prisoners in the court house Both Citizens and soldiers 12th I was about home this morning Went a hu ting and fishing in the evening 13th At work on Barn in the morning and hunting in the evening this was a wet day lhth A Pleasant day I went down to Iame & Co Mill in the evening 15th I was at work in the morning went a fishing in the evening I caught some little fellows but not enough to pay for the trouble 16th I was at work hauling Logs &c to day the weather is a little . too cool for the season allthough it is verry pleasant 17th This was another pleasant Sabbath day I was at Sabbath School in the morning and to singing school in the evening 18th `Went to Henderson to day I heard a portion of the speech of Col McHenry who is a candidate for Congress but I could not agree with him in his views and thiihk I will not be a voter at this Election 19th I was at the sale of H D Williams in the morning there was but little sold and but few Bidders went a fishing in the evening 20th I was cow hunting in the morning and a fishing in the evening 2lst Went to Henderson to day I settled with { H Dallam who was my lawyer for the Estate I Paid him $135 I inten have made a final settlement as Executor of my Fathers Estate but owing to circumstances I could not do so we had a fine shower of rain in the evening _ 22nd I was about the farm in the morning went down to Mrs Allins to see a man by the name of Pierce who was thought to be dying as I stood and looked upon that old man who had lived to an old age without making Preparations to die standing as it were upon the Brhk of Eternity I could but reflect upon the Frailty of human nature Putting off untill the last hour that which should command our first attention headless of that memorable warning Prepare to Meet thy god for no man knoweth the .