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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

i 173 9th Doing nothing in Particular lOth It Commenced to rain this morning and rained u till twelve I set out Tobacco in the evening llth I set out Tobacco untill dinner to day but the rain has been so light that I fear it will all die 12th `Went to Henderson to day with L L Hancock there was but few People in the place considering it was circuit court week there was a fine rain this evening 13th I was setting out Tobacco to day went to church in the evening Elder Taylor Preached the sun has been warm enough to day , to kill what Tobacco I set out lhth Sunday I was at Sabbath school this morning and to Preaching at the Cypress Church Elder Taylor Preached a verry interesting sermon - also in the evening at b6'clock this has been a warm June day 15th Doing nothing in Particular l 16th I was at home in the morning went to Scarlett Lattas in the evening &c 17th I went to Henderson to day in company with Sam Cooper I was at the Funeral and Burrial of L B Weaver who died the evening before he was one of the first men I ever remembered and from my earliest ` Resolection he has allwgys been called a Generous Kind hearted man he ` is gone the clods of the valley are piled above him and I trust he is enjoying the full fruition of Bliss in heaven 18th Doing nothing in particular 19th I was at the point in the morning went to the Steam Mill in the evening . 20th I was setting out tobacco to day But the ground was too dry _ to set 2lst Sundayi Went to Sabbath school this morning and to Singing ` in the evening 22nd I was at work about the farm to day 23rd I werm down to Mr Sullivans this morning and a squirrel Hunting with James Fagan in the evening 2hth we had a fine rain last night and it has rained nearly all day to day I went to Sullivans after plants this morning and set out tobacco in the evening I Paid him $5 for a Plant bed 25th I have been setting out Tobacco again to day the day has been showerry and a fine tobacco season / _