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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

But she said she was willing to That she had made her Peace with and I trust whilst writing this she is heaven enjoying the Bliss of Paradise My sister Frances Married E M Clark in the year 18hO They lived in Henderson for several years after they were Married and then removed to the Steam Mill Built by Clark & My Father where Cla rk Built a house in which they lived untill my sister died whenlark and My Father disolved Partner- ship My sister Frances Died the 2lst of Jan 18 her death made a deep impression on my mind which I trust may never be Eradicated That is the Power and goodness of God in bestowing on us Grace to Enable the christian to overcome the Last enemy death for her I felt no fear for I Feel Assured that her spirit is now Mingling with the Just in heaven She left two chil- dren Robert and glia both of whom are now living My sister Elizabeth lefttwo children Sarah Elizabeth & Cynthia Ann they are both living Thomas Smith the next oldest Married Mary E Collier on the 27th of Jan 1857 is now living in the Neighborhood of him I have but little to say as he appears contented and Happy with his Present condition in life I Hope he May ever remain so Robert Smith my next oldest Brother I Remember first as the Playmate of my childhood and whilst I recall those and Happy hours I can but feel th are Forever gone Tis true that it is sometimes a Pleasure To us to look Back oer th of our childhood but oh how that is marred when we know that the we then Knew and loved has Passed to that Bourne From Whence he was not only the Playmate of my childhood he was the companion of my Together we trudged to school and were inseparable companions I might say up to manhood and now whilst I recall those scenes I can but feel sad that one so gifted in the Prime of life and usefulness should Become as it were his own destroyer Robert commenced Merchandising at Smiths Mills Ky in the year 1851 and appeard to be doing a Prosperous f Bussiness and it was while Elated with success and he thought Gaining wealth that I first noticed that he would sometimes Indulge to too great an Extent in that the worst of all evils the Tanpting Bowl and how often it is the case that our fondaest hopes and Brightest dream are Forever Blighted by this worst of all Enemies Alcohol in the year 1856 he married Matilda Alvey and lived at Smiths Mills up to the time of this death which x occured July 11 1858 his death I can never forget to see a young man in the Prime of life a.nd usefulness die the effects of Intemperance dmwhat a Lesson it should be to us and I write lines with the wish that if any young man should ever read them I would advise him in time and let the cup alone and I trust to god that no other member of my family may ever give way to izntemperance I have written these lines at the Expense of my own feelings for it is a sad thing to think of the fate of those we have loved more sad to record the cause of that and I would advise all young men to seek religion young and Marry young if Possible I would advise evry young man to marry at 21 and thus avoid the temptations allurements of the world that beset Pathway of the youth of