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Diary Typescript

Part of Smith family papers

213 . tamed by exposure in the svn and field I ld hive 1;I?m;Sh;mS;1i;lP1; ggdhzs been 2iSyi 'iBEObi2iik2"ti i;Sl;$C;i;niai;m;;mgmconscriptiw which he says he is here to enforce for I am content with the life I am leading and have no desire to enter either army l th I was at the Point this morning the excitement is still at itsw highest pitch Men have quit their crggs apparently and are running arrouio to hear the news and see what they can/to keep their sons out of the con scription or avoid it themselves Numbers of young men are going into the army while all that are left here are riding arround u decided what to do Numbers are escappng from the state northward and if there is not a change soon our country will be depopulated I have been truly sorry for the women of our county during this intense excitement Mothers are anxious for their , Song Wives for their husbands evry face seems careworn a general gloom seems to overspread our once Peacefull Community such ash pray heaven I may never see again I was at Church this evening but the Preacher did not come lhth This was a calm peacefull sabbath morn and as I look out oer natures tranquil and Refreshing scenes I can but contrast it with poor deluded mans distracted condition at this time I could but think of the many anxious throbbing hearts throughout this war cursed land and ask my god for peace once more I was at Sabbath School and church this morning but there were no scholars at the Sabbath School Brother Fallan preached in place of Brother Taylor who did not come 15th The day set apart by Adam Johnson to commence conscripting I sent to Henderson and witnessed the delivery of two Prisoners by Col Johnsons men under a flag of truce to the civil authoritiesto be tried for Robbing Murder &c committed in this county the Prisoners were demanded by Capt Perkins in the nane of the United States and were turned over to him by the civil authorities for what purpose I could not learn Henderson is allmost depopu- lated a great many have run from the conscription while others have left for safer climes there were only two or three stores but what have shut up and moved their goods away evrything looks dark and gloomy Expenses to day $50 V 16th This was a wet disagreeable day I was Dodging around watching for Johnsons Conscripfofficers But was agreeably disappointed in not seeing them 17th I was toping tobacco to day the weather is still dark and threatening rain evrything looks gloomy 18th I went a cattle Hunting with R M Allin But did not find any Cattle took dinner at Henry Finley &c l9th When I awoke this morning it was Raining with a good prospect for iO; ghRode up to Bock Nartins and while there I saw a Body of Federal c s aseing Capt william Quinn?2 I Rode down to the point and found